Microsoft Office Will Reach Android Officially in March 2013

Since a few months ago is comes speculating the expansion of Microsoft in operating systems other than Windows, sineod iOS and Android the most desired by its great expansion on the market. It had a long rumored arrival, particularly since the end of may, and seems to be that if it isn’t a disgrace¬†Microsoft Office for Android will become a reality.

Microsoft has confirmed that this office automation solution will finally reach Android for March 2013, rather later than the first rumors that did arrive on November 10, which still have to wait to give it a more business application to the Android tablets, which can function well according to our colleague Alejandro in his article.

Already there are some office suites for Android, and along the way we have OpenOffice, which is presented as a tough opponent, as competent and very likely free. In March we will know if the waiting was worth or the office still stays as unresolved issue for the mobile operating systems.