Microsoft Not Be Intimidated before Apple Watch

While most of the technological media focus on Apple Watch, the Microsoft Band advantage of taking quiet steps to play your own chop the smartwatches market.

Let us remember that the wearable of Redmond has received very good comments from the specialized media, together with a great interest on the part of consumers, but the lack of stock and limited availability have prevented him from becoming a bestseller so far.

However, according to MUSTHAVESWEATER,that could change soon, since according to documents private to that Central Windows blog has had access, shop Best Buy is preparing to begin to sell the Microsoft Band in 765 stores over all United States.

Best Buy will give a prominent role to the Microsoft Band in their stores, and will teach your employees to sell the device well

Distribution in these premises would be accompanied also some promotion, since the Microsoft device would occupy an area featured within the section of smartwatches from Best Buy, and also is would be teaching employees of the store to sell these devices and explain their functions to customers.

The sale of the Microsoft Band at Best Buy would begin during the next few weeks, the absence of an exact date confirmed so far. If this move is completed by specifying, Microsoft would have with approximately 1 month of advantage in sales until Apple Watch reaches the U.S. market.