Microsoft Edge, Costs Apple Watch, Ford and IPad Pro. Rumorsfera

Happy Mother’s day to all those readers who are mothers, and the rest I hope that you’ve used to congratulate your mother, if not you’ve done already are taking… After this prologue, let’s what we all like to read Sunday morning, various rumors have been filtered on the Apple universe.

The truth is that Apple Watch continues to hold all the news at Tests of resistance, baths gold, tattoos, battery life… It seems that for the moment There is much more to offer in the Apple environment. But some another rumor emerges in the meantime clock, so we’re going with this.

  • Let’s not start a rumor, but with something confirmed. The presentation of the new browser, Edge, which I would like to see in OS X and iOS if it were only half good which is Outlook for iOS.
  • We continue Apple Watch cost, as always happens when Apple launches a new device, some analysts estimate the cost of manufacture of that product and it just so happened with Apple Watch Sport. This has been placed in more than 83 dollars, 24% of the public sale price of the SmartWatch. I join with the assertion of Tim Cook who was at last results Conference declaring that it was still expecting that any of those analysis minimally closer to reality. I am afraid that there are many factors that are not taken into account.
  • As owner of a Ford that I am and convinced that my next car will also be this brand, I like to read news like this. Ford is already working on how to integrate Apple Watch to your SYNC system. We will see that surprise us.
  • We are seeing a real roller coaster with the Apple Watch orders. We first saw as waiting times down, which I personally attributed to the fact that Apple is “pulling” reserved production for the second wave of countries. And now we see that practically all 42mm models are approximate shipping date for July.
  • Still appear more and more data about the long-rumored iPad Pro. We have covers and now joins her models in three dimensions and size. Some rumors are running that will be presented at the upcoming Conference of developers but I bet more for a presentation at the event iPad which is usually in the middle of autumn.

And here the rumorsfera’s this week, few leaks we are having, but I fear this month with the proximity of the WWDC ´15 will be more “interesting” with many new features.