Las Mejores Aplicaciones Android Back to School: Schedules and Task Managers

We continue with the special return to school, and on this occasion we will review applications for Android which help us with schedules and tasks management. No doubt some very interesting tools that will allow us to have mobile not only what we have when we have class but also the tasks, tests and deliveries we have to perform.

The solution obvious, on the other hand, is to use Google Calendar, with the application that comes by default in our Android (or the implementation of calendar that comes by default on customizations of the manufacturers) a generic Task Manager, such as Gtasks and Astrid, of which we have spoken on previous occasions. This alternative is very valid, but there are specific applications (free and paid) that can help us to integrate all.

A + Timetable

If we really like traditional, such as Gstasks or Astrid task managers, we can use A + Timetable to have our schedule, in the event that our class routine is always equal. No doubt this application is the closest thing to time painted in the folder of a lifetime.

It is visually beautiful, but does not allow much more. Simply add hours and can watch them at any time. It also has a widget that allows you to see the schedule of the day on the desktop, which can be quite useful. And a significant option is to export the calendar to an image, so print it.

This application, as you can see, is quite simple and free. Something simple for we’ll see below, but if we do not want to walk with many complications is sufficient to keep the timetable in your pocket, see widget what touches us today, and we use other applications to manage tasks.

Android market | A + Timetable

either complete managers:


We begin the analysis of applications more tailored schedules and tasks with HomeWork, a very complete application here, and no longer free. It really is a very powerful tool to organize ourselves in a proper way and the only downside I can find it is that it isn’t yet translated into Spanish (though these are on it) that the graphical appearance can be improved.

The application allows manage the schedule in a very powerful way. To give you an idea it allows temporary changes a class schedule, if for example there is one day that the teacher can not go and creates an alternative schedule. In addition, by clicking on a class you can add tasks to perform, or dates of exams. Never again the dates of deliveries or tests forget us.

It also has desktop widgets to display our schedule or tasks in a comfortable way. And there are indicators on the schedule if you have a task to complete before the class, which is very convenient since just hours know if there are outstanding tasks.

Android market | HomeWork

Class Buddy

Class Buddy in one of the most famous applications of schedules and tasks, so in the back to school is going to become one of the most downloaded. This application allows to organize the schedule, adding many details to the subjects, as a form of assessment. You can also add tasks such as tests and assignments.

A novelty with respect to Homework is that it allows in addition add the obtained note on reviews and work carried out, with what you can carry in your Pocket always obtained qualifications. In addition, it provides a powerful backup tool for that we will never lose our data. It also has desktop, notifications for tasks widget, and is able to synchronize with Google Calendar, to view the information directly from any computer.

The application is paid, it costs 1.06 euros, but there is also a lite version, with reduced functionality, and a demo of the normal version functional for two weeks, so we can test it with all the features. All are facilities for us aficionemos to this complete application. I miss a version in Spanish, are the details that are missing a payment application.

Android market | Class Buddy, Class Buddy Demo, Class Buddy Lite

School Helper

School Helper It is one application, perhaps not the best, but I liked its graphic appearance. It allows you to organize schedules, tasks, notes, tests, and take some notes. All this with graphical layout of a slate. Schedule shown in tabs, which is not entirely comfortable, but other options are very well.

The way to add a review or a task is very intuitive, and also allows to classify them according to importance. In main window classes such as tasks or tests we can see all the day’s activities, both to perform. Very comfortable and useful for every day.

The application is free and the supported languages are German and English. Turns to throw in lack Spanish, but being free nor do we require both. This application also has widgets to display on the desktop, of various sizes. Since then an alternative to anything seen previously.