Las Mejores Aplicaciones Android Back to School: Languages and Translators

We continue with the special’s the best apps for back to school, and not only is the cole because in is occasion will be very useful to all android users who return to their classes. One of those purposes which we always return to the return of the holiday, we’ve compiled a few varied applications for Android that will help us to this task.

When we speak of languages and translators, everyone comes to head one of the essential applications of Android as Google Translate. Very useful both to translate single words, phrases and even voice conversations. But in this collection we want to go beyond the simple translator or dictionary. We have searched for different applications that help us learn and hang out fun in the back to school.


Busuu It is an online community for learning languages made up more than three million users worldwide. Recently at released no less than nine applications for learning both English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish and Spanish. They are completely free, although for some features you must be subscribed to the web.

Among the possibilities offered by the application is the availability of content of learning with pictures and sounds, offline mode to practice the language or the synchronize our progress with our online profile.

Download | Android Market (for free)

Learn to speak languages

Learn to speak languages It is the descriptive name of this free application that offers a complete guide to useful phrases so we are going to improve our vocabulary, as well as complement it with the context of each phrase with its use and its interpretation in each country. It is another application multilanguage including English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

The translator does not require connection to the internet and will give us additional tourist information in future versions. Between the sections of learning we have the pronunciation of the alphabet, list of numbers and the basics for the trip, transportation, oral interaction. In addition, it has voice functionality to listen to the pronunciation.

Download | Android Market (for free)

Johnny Grammar ’ s Quizmaster

Johnny Grammar ’ s Quizmaster It is an application that, in format of questions, we can practice our grammar, vocabulary or spelling in English. It is developed by the British Council, sure that I sound it is a prestigious English Academy. Next to this secure application that you is interesting to take a look at Big City (a composition of cartoons for the listening practice) or LearnEnglish Elementary an interesting podcast with different episodes in which you will learn different facets of language.

Download | Android Market (for free)

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee It has more than 2,000 words to practice our vocabulary and our pronunciation. Next to each word we have a brief description and an audio clip. An interesting resource to strengthen our learning of English in an entertaining manner away from the boring language booklets.

The only but I’ve seen it, is that the pronunciation is only in American English so perhaps some words will cost you more if you’re accustomed to the British accent.