Is BBK Electronics, the Authentic Third World Manufacturer of Smartphones

We always discuss the world of smartphones is so broad that there are hollow so they think and thrive all kinds of companies. With more than 1,500 million terminals sold worldwide in the last year, the companies responsible for these figures are many and very varied, and sometimes they are huge but they are built so that they may go unnoticed. It is the case of BBK Electronics.

When we think of giants of smartphones always put the eye in Samsung, Apple, Huawei and company. Real monsters of the construction and marketing and that they also spend vast amounts of money on marketing so be known. But there are other companies, divided into several well placed marks, they have a similar power in the sector. If in addition are of Chinese origin and have involvement with the Government of the country, they are even more interesting. We try to join the puzzle of BBK.

The Chinese Government and an uncertain and unclear origin

With the passage of time we have been accustomed to the fact that China operates in a very particular way, with that opening communism which makes that the regime is felt in some aspects, but that it is camouflaged in many others. Thus, the Government goal hand in certain key companies in the sector is considered something very normal. In China are very protectionist with the national product, and that’s why other brands has had so many historical difficulties to do business there. We can ask Apple, for example.

With this combination of elements, and speaking of a BBK Electronics which is a conglomerate of companies, a sort of joint venture Eastern, the only thing we could find is a limited amount of information difficult to track, and a puzzle we have tried to compose but probably parts missing that. If something is BBK Electronics it is complex. As we will see below.

The first links between BBK Electronics companies came to light through the “agreement” between OnePlus and OPPO, in 2014

The first news that something was behind several brands of mobile phones came there by 2014, shortly after the birth of OnePlus. Investigating a little mark, some media discovered that he shared with OPPO production lines, and pulling this thread was discovered that both companies were run by the same company. This is not exactly so, as it was thought to OPPO OnePlus owner, although the conclusion was inevitably that have summarized. There was an upper body that flew over both companies and he was known among little or nothing. That body was BBK.

The more thorough investigation we found about these origins is contained in VRWorld. There they discovered that the CEO of OPPO Russia was BBK Electronics employee, and that the company belonged entirely to BBK. Tracing the creation of BBK localized two different dates, one in 1995, which includes the participation of the Government of china, and another in 1998, which seems to correspond to the time that BBK was associated with other companies while retaining its original name. In 1998 would be born, therefore, the Empire.

BBK, according to the records found, seems to have at least 3 different addresses in Hong Kong, and a similar number in Guangdong. With a similar history of movements, many of them completely opaque by total absence of information, it is not surprising that BBK is a difficult to complete puzzle. But if some data are known, and uniting everyone we encounter which probably is the fourth largest manufacturer of mobile in the world, and that could be the third ahead of the own Huawei. Let’s look at what makes up.

Five brands, we can

As we say, BBK Electronics is a conglomerate of companies hard decipherable, but that secrecy seems detached from this giant shadow leaves some information, and makes us settle a mental picture of its size, and the influence that currently have on the market for smartphones. Taking into account that Huawei always has the combined results of the main brand and honour, not should we do the same with BBK Electronics?

If we collect Huawei, we could try to do the same with BBK Electronics. With their known sales figures, colors 55 million terminals sold in the quarter of the year. Huawei, the third largest manufacturer in the world, would have reached 45 million. And why 55 million we can not count two of four legs that make up BBK Electronics, Since we speak of up to four different lines of smartphones, five if we count the components supplier.

Grouped sales, BBK outperforms Huawei without need for OnePlus or Imoo

So, in BBK we have at least four well-known brands, although one of them is taking off right now has too much relevance, and the other is a supplier. But the other three, the main, yes are already known in the West, either by own terminals itself or by news coming through technological means. These three great pillars of BBK, with greater or lesser weight in the company, as OPPO, live and OnePlus. The two minors, IMOO and Vsun.

On the first we have already written on many occasions, especially in the last year. The rise of OPPO in 2016 has been truly meteoric. A company whose sales are achieved almost at 100% in China and India and that has managed to gain a fourth of the world’s manufacturers. 31.2 million smartphones in the last trimester of 2016 and a 3.6% world share, easy-to-write numbers but complex to digest. The growth of OPPO has led both Xiaomi and LG disappear from the Top 5, although his brother has also taken some of the blame.

And that brother is Live, one of the pillars of BBK Electronics. If with the OPPO R5 OPPO managed to become the first manufacturer, always talking about the era of smartphones, in removing the headphone jack, live was the first to reach the 6GB of RAM with Xplay 5. Again with sales between China and India, live has won the fourth place worldwide, with 24.7 million units sold and with 3% of the market. But that does not stop there. OPPO has grown 116% with respect to 2015 and live has done the same with 104%. Brands to follow closely.

We close the listing of the three brands of mobile with OnePlus, responsible for a small revolution in the sector of the flagships with the arrival of its One in 2014 and possibly the cause that we know today to BBK Electronics, in the wake of what mentioned in the lines shared with OPPO. OnePlus has launched so far five terminals and its acceptance is pretty good, but this line has not reached yet the figures of sale of her older sisters. Perhaps because the format of distribution, limited up to the latest model.

Oppo, I live and OnePlus must add Imoo, also from mobile, and Vsun, components for smartphones

We don’t want to forget to Imoo, a new brand that was born this past year 2016 and already makes competition in his country to his three sisters or stepsisters. Nor to Vsun, registered as a Shenzen Vsun Communication Technology and born in 2011. Currently, Vsun has approximately 600 employees and manufactures and distributes electronic components for smartphones in countries of the Middle East such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as well as other African countries such as Egypt, Kenya, Sudan and Nigeria.

As we see, the tentacles of BBK Electronics in the smartphone world are many, and that only those who know.

Not only smartphones

The world of smartphones exploded from the arrival of the iPhone, despite the fact that before there was deserving terminals to be considered intelligent. However, that took place in the year 2007, and we would have to wait until 2008 to see arrive the first mobile phone of OPPO, R819/R819T, and until 2011 to meet its first smartphone, the OPPO Find Me. That leaves a huge vacuum since its founding, dated 1995, * what did BBK so far? **

BBK in its origins, was dedicated to the manufacture and sale of CDs. If we live in the time of the rise of CD recorders for the home, will surely create some kind of content in Philco, or Memorex discs and marks are the property of the BBK, giant in the shadow of so many divisions and businesses. They also built TVs, digital cameras and MP3 players. Lately been marketed Blu-ray players and headsets, all under the OPPO Digital line. But this does not end there, there is room for the wearables.

The Memores CDs or Philco, BBK players or the XTC smartwatches, all are products of the same company

The Chinese conglomerate BBK Electronics also has in the market of the wearables or wearable, wearable or as wish to call them. BBK has a product line called XTC manufactured smartwatches, as XTC Y01 designed for children, and which sold more than 700,000 units in its home country. BBK seems to not leave a product related to smartphones without touch. When they are not their own mobile are headphone or smart watches.

Everything that I have mentioned here It is what is known of BBK, a company that could be even greater than what we are and that we remember, it could be hot on the heels to Apple in terms of farbicacion and sale of smartphones if we had both OnePlus Imoo figures. A giant looming with growth over 100% year on year and that may be even higher. We will follow their movements with care.