iPhone Models: Learn Which One Is More Sold

In fact, the world of technology can be divided between before and after January 2007, the day that Steve Jobs – until then the almighty Apple showed the first Iphone. A phenomenon not very common on mobile devices also was featured in July of the same year, in the official release of the instrument: the large rows, where each a was major effort to ensure the first smartphone from apple.

iPhone Models Learn Which One Is More Sold 1

In today’s article, we are going to do a round-up about iPhone models. What is the most sold and why? Check it out!


Much of the success that Apple has is due to the work of the team that developed the device. It is important to remember that even in 2007, there were already smartphones of Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others, but although expensive, were devices with too many buttons, too bureaucratic and focused on the corporate world. The great success of the iPhone was to integrate on the device only a big button and screen. Physically simple, with an operating system that is lean and user-friendly interface, the device fell into the graces of the people. It was a new smartphone, but that everyone wanted to have.

Models of the iPhone

The evolution is visible. The original iPhone, the 3G and the 3GS have a similar design, and sophisticated – for the time they were released. However, the iPhone 4 was a revolution in design thanks to its metal edge. It was so successful that this model (with modifications) still exists today on the iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone Models Learn Which One Is More Sold 2

The iPhone 5S sells a lot more than the 5C

Yes, this is a detail very interesting in the history of the iPhone. The version of the 5C (a lot if jokes that the “C” is for “cheap”, cheap in English) that has been prepared with the aim of giving access to the product by people who couldn’t pay the premium of an iPhone. The C version had the edges of the plastic rather than metal, which did not please many users. It is a scenario of curious, where the instrument more expensive it sells much more than the “more, very cheaply”.

Favorite Color

The version 5S was also the first to have a color besides the grey and space silver: Gold. That’s right! In markets such as China and Australia, this color was the first to get exhausted, in addition to the reset time to be greater than that of the other colors. Curious, isn’t it?

iPhone Models Learn Which One Is More Sold 3

The iPhone sold

It may seem a mystery, but it is not. The iPhone sold is one that arrives in the stores, the last release. Ready. Is one device better than the previous. Apple has as a car chief, the current two models of the iPhone, the 6S and the 6S Plus. Interesting to emphasize that in direct competition with the line Samsung the Galaxy there has always been an exchange in the leadership post soon after the release of the handset. But this time not: since the launch of the iPhone 6, the Apple remains the largest seller of smartphones on the planet, occupying the first two places.

Official data for the 2015 report that Apple has sold 700 million iPhones around the world. A number absurdly large.

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