Iphone & Ios-The New TecChannel Compact Is Here!

What are the best iPhone settings, how to ensure the security of smartphones in the communication or how bind to iOS to Exchange and Office 365? The new TecChannel compact “iPhone & iOS”, covers these and other topics available as printed book or eBook. Premium readers obtain the color PDF of TecChannel as always free.

With the Smartphone operating system iOS 10 has optimized Apple iPhone even more for use as a business unit in the company. So, the manufacturer has incorporated various business features to the device management (MDM). In addition, the security and the privacy of communication has been greatly improved. The current TecChannel compact describes, what with the iPhone IOS 10 today, everything is possible and as you in the company or users can benefit at home.

Did you know, for example, how to correctly synchronize the iOS calendar and thus extend the iPhone time management to the Google or Outlook calendar? Was you known as easily bind to settle iOS devices to Exchange, Office 365, or SharePoint and Apple’s online store as safe iCloud drive can be used?


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Of course you will learn in the current TecChannel compact in the basics, practice and business a lot more about how to optimally use your iPhone not only within the company. As we explain, for example, how pesky messages can be turn off or the battery life can be optimized. Addressed the use of the iCloud Keyring and the correct use of the iPhone AutoCorrect.

Numerous tips and guide to the iOS 10 and round to Apple’s latest smartphones including app recommendations the TecChannel compact “iPhone & iOS” off.

These topics will find you in the TecChannel Compact Edition “iPhone & iOS”:

  • iPhone basics
  • Checklist: Best iPhone settings
  • Alternative system apps, multitasking, Siri gimmicks
  • Productivity tips for business
  • iOS 10 in practice
  • Sync calendar, contacts clean up
  • Mobile Exchange data with iCloud drive
  • Scan documents, print on the iPhone
  • iPhone in business
  • Device management in the enterprise
  • Security for communications
  • iOS link exchange and Office 365
  • eBook download and book

Book and eBook are available directly in the TecChannel shop. You can order the printed output for 17.90 euro plus 2.50 shipping. The e-book for immediate download only 14,99 euros.

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