InOutTV Launches Sincroguiatv to View in Detail The Programming of Television

InOutTV has finally released its application Sincroguia TV to consult all the pmost of the TV channels rogramacion of Spain (almost all the Freeview channels). InOut TV certainly has the largest database of schedule information of the country, so it tries to gain a foothold in the OS Android then that many applications dedicated to television consiguieran popularity.

Unlike the app for iOS which is organized so tedious programming in blocks of one hour, on Android we can consult each network’s programming on an individual basis. Keeps the tab with the selection made by the Sincroguia of the highlights of the day. Among the options of customization you can customize channels we want to display in the list, but little more. InOut TV promises to be able to manage recordings in the engravers of the company through the application, although I have not been tested nor I have found a clear explanation of its operation.

We miss the notifications to indicate the beginning of a program that has, for example, the application guide TV. wait for new updates to correct some wrong and the lack of customization options.

The only thing that can make indispensable to this application is the detailed information that we can consult each television program. A shame that this information is not accessible through any open API to develop free applications without relying on company as InOut TV.

Do you use applications to view television programming?