If You Buy an Xiaomi Mi4 Falsified, Is Likely What You Find Pre-Installed Malware

Some technology companies sometimes arouse suspicion with the preinstalled software without the user knowing it. We saw recently with Lenovo and a few days ago Bluebox, dedicated to mobile devices, security firm made jumps the Hare with the Xiaomi Mi4. According to them, it came with malicious software end-user unbeknownst to.

Published this report, Xiaomi came to the fore to clarify the controversy and make clear that the terminal that had analysed Bluebox It was a fake. None of words without further, the Chinese manufacturer has put data on the table to show that they do not put such software and also pass the relevant certificates of Google.

According to the original report, it has already been edited, MIUI is not a “real” Android version. Something that has denied the own Xiaomi since their phones respect Android CDD (compatibility documentation) and pass all CTS tests to confirm that, indeed, are one Android device more, regardless of which then MIUI gave much in appearance from the other terminals.

Finally, Bluebox has had to forfeit and recognize that the analyzed my 4 was a falsification of the terminal that Xiaomi sells in their official store. The unit was probably the same but acquired through non-official suppliers where the software It could have been manipulated. to introduce the detected malware.

You can sound like a no-brainer but whenever we go to buy an Android, either a phone or a tablet, it is important do it in shops and dealers of confidence. Not only already to avoid scams or the product does not arrive we finally but also that doesn’t come with malicious software preinstalled.