HTC Smart Phones | 1997, Taiwan




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Brand facts:

  • HTC is a world leading brand specializing in manufacturing high-tech devices including smart phones, tablets and other accessories.
  • They are committed to creating innovative and advanced mobile devices with customized user experience and distinctive performance which can bring excellent experience for customers and improve people’s lives.


Main Categories:

Smart phones, accessories


Time and place: 1997, Taiwan

Early products: notebook computers

Founder: Cher Wang, H. T. Cho, and Peter Chou


Headquarter Location:
Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan


Store Locations:

Taiwan and worldwide



Chairwomen: Cher Wang

Vice Chairman: Peter Chou

COO: Fred Liu


New Arrivals:

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Price Range:

Smart phones: USD44.99-USD939.99


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