HTC Patches Potential Security Vulnerability with Android Smartphones

Free ticket logging tools

As the Android Web page reported by police at the weekend, so-called logging tools are installed on many HTC phones. Among other things, whose mission is to inform developers about possible malfunctions and incompatibility of their programs or to collect advertising relevant information. According to the U.S. security expert Trevor these programs but also able to be Eckhart, to allow access to the Crown jewels of the phones all installed apps including the location information, phone numbers, SMS, E-Mail and system data to read.
Data strip instead of Internet games
The app must have only a so-called android. permission. INTERNET permission. This applies to almost any program, which is available with Internet connection and if only, get banners. Apps usually get only certain rights and that only after confirmation by the user. The logging tools change this: when a small, innocent looking game from the market asks for permission to connect to the Internet, to publish the high score, assuming not, that it has insight in your call list or emails, so Android COP Artem Russakovskii. He found a 3.5 megabyte large file that contained vast amounts of information on his EVO 3D: notifications in the status bar, free disk space, IP addresses, launched and installed apps, user IDs, battery statistics, GPS data and much more.

HTC repair
Incidentally discovered Russakovskii, HTC the app installed on his mobile which allows remote control of mobile phone androidvncserver.apk. Although the application does not start automatically, but a very safe feeling not created with such Heimlichtuereien to its customers of course HTC. The Taiwanese company has recognized the problem and is now working on a security update. Until this is tested and released, you should make especially a wide berth to apps from unknown sources according to HTC. (cs)