HTC Had a Single Task with The M9 One: Do a Mobile Better Than The M8

Many hope that HTC learn from your mistakes. Small failures that have made that the One has been back in the fight to be the best mobile of year in 2013 and 2014. The competition was tough, but they had many arguments to overcome, but also to be vanquished, and in both cases, it was the second. The third would the answer have? It seems that not.

The HTC One M9 will be one of the first top range, along with the Samsung Galaxy S6, which reach the market. They will be those who marked the passage in this category, but what we have seen so far with the Taiwanese manufacturer not encourages us to be optimistic. HTC, you had a single task: make a phone better than the M8.

Display what has happened to HTC?

HTC was last year one of the best IPS market LCD panels. It was not the largest or not that resolution had but five inches Full HD worked perfectly. It had one of the best contrasts, the panel was not more light but in the global era in a section where he shone against the competition.

However, the first technical data on the screen of the M9 are little promising. A contrast nearly 700 points below the M8 and shine which also falls significantly compared to the previous model. All this must be added to the color temperature: 8.088 degrees Kelvin that translates into a color somewhat bluish, a sensation that is noticeable when we have a white background on the screen.

Probably for the user of a foot is nothing serious but we already give of face to face with two problems in bulk for a top terminal: temperature of color and contrast. If we do not look too in the panel, we will not notice it but as soon as we do a quick comparison with other terminals we will see that the differences are there.

First surprise, negative, with the HTC One M9. How having one of the best panels in 2014 could be several steps back to have one that, without being bad, it goes very far from what we have seen in the HTC One M8? Tweakers details are on the table and remains to be seen if the technical tests of the rest corroborate, or not, the quality of the screen.

Performance, 810 in the crosshairs

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is destined to be one of the main chips on top of range during much of this 2015. In previous years It has proven to be a leader and the main choice of almost all the flagships in telephony. Unanswerable in practice and in the benchmark, it seems that 2015 will be an exception.

When we found out that Samsung was going to turn back this year by problems of temperature, fast Qualcomm came to the podium to assert that it already had agreements to carry many more terminals 810. A timely exception, while also a significant loss taking into account the relevance of the Koreans in the sector.

In Barcelona I had chance to try it. It was soon and did not allow me some details but the impression was positive, terminal was fluid, as it is expected in a device with these characteristics. It did not give me time to check if it was much but the first benchmark with the M9 demonstrate that the terminal heats up significantly.

Not only that, when talking about autonomy also gives some steps back. Surfing the internet with a brightness of 250 candelas, the first tests speak of 5 and a half hours duration. A figure quite far to the 8 hours and 20 minutes of the Z3 Xperia or the 7 hours and 10 minutes of his brother One M8.

In the only paragraph in the synthetic benchmarks where it seems to emerge a bit more is on PCMark Android. The results that get (5 hours and 37 minutes) are not bad but still somewhat away from the Z3. A problem of HTC or Qualcomm with their Snapdragon 810? When more models with this chip, we’ll.

Without access to Camera2 API

HTC is stubbornly with the ultrapixeles. Twice, two errors. In any case it gelled his proposal and this year seemed to the situation would change with a 20 megapixel sensor. At the moment it is early to talk about the final quality but the little we have seen is not surprising.

Before conclusions can be precipitated with the camera, it is appropriate to recall that the HTC One M9 comes updated with Lollipop but has no access to Camera2 API. What does this mean? Can not access to manual controls that come with this version of Android or not take pictures in RAW DNG.

For the day to day is not something drastic but not to shoot in DNG RAW not will allow us, for example, see the real quality of the sensor. It will touch us trust the software image that put HTC, except that the Taiwanese to update the camera application processing.

We will see if the limitation when it comes to resizing photos is not penalised the M9. 20 megapixel sensor has ability to take photos of up to 5376 x 3752 pixels but it is limited to 1920 x 1088 with a rate of 0.61 frames per second.

Is the solution in an update?

Few days left to get the HTC One M9 stores, analyses are just around the corner and all time what’s coming out makes it clear that the flagship of this year has a series of shortcomings and problems that were not in the previous generation.

The last breath of hope of Taiwanese is in an update. One of their representatives asked us to calm because this review in the software shall be final and that, to solve the problems which have been going since it was presented in Barcelona.

PSA: One more time, all together now: HTC One M9 software isn ‘ final t yet, no matter how many pre-release you run benchmarks.

— Jeff Gordon (@urbanstrata) March 16, 2015

HTC has margin to make few mistakes after two years with very discrete results. We will see if One M9, and the promised update, given the change of course need the Taiwanese to be important in the telephony market.