How do I Merge and Organize Contacts on My Mobile Phone?

The smartphone in your hand is probably not your first. And chances are he’s been carrying contacts three, five or even ten years ago and you’re moving faithfully from one phone to another. Blank contacts can be created when phones use certain apps to send messages or call contacts. Allowing social networks to sync contacts with your phonebook can add thousands of friends who are not really friends on your phone.

How do I Merge and Organize Contacts on My Mobile Phone?

But your contact list is not just for making calls. It also fills in messaging applications. It feeds your email contacts and also excels in your calendar application. It pays to clear the clutter in your contact list and optimize your other accounts at the same time. Let’s see how this is possible.

Organizer of contacts without social networks

If your contact list is being filled with unwanted Facebook contacts, whose birthday reminders are now firmly housed in your calendar, the organization is simple

iPhone: Settings -> Facebook -> Allow these applications to use your account and slide the tab to Off for Contacts. To prevent Facebook event invitations from appearing on your calendar, slide the tab to Off also in Calendar.

Android: Settings -> Account & sync -> Facebook and uncheck Sync contacts.

Follow these steps to cancel the sync of contacts from other social apps, like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Email Contact Manager

If you are a Gmail user with an Android phone, you may have noticed contact entries that contain only email addresses. That’s because Gmail has a feature that automatically adds new people to whom you send email to Other contacts in your contact list. The feature is useful when it comes to autocompletion of email sender fields, but it is annoying when it comes to creating a phone book full of random addresses.

Although the Gmail for iPhone application does not sync with this folder, Android users may find that they unknowingly synchronized their phonebook with those contacts. To turn it off, go to the contacts application, touch Calendar, then the settings for Google, and uncheck the box for Other contacts as a contact source.

Unify Contacts

Is one of your friends in my contact list five times, with separate entries for the email address, the old email address, the Facebook profile, and two phone numbers? You can merge cloned friends by manually opening each contact card, but if you have multiple to merge this process will be laborious. Instead, download a contact cleanup application with duplicate deletion.

iPhone: Check out Cleanup Duplicate Contacts, which scans your phone and lists a partial and total duplicates. Then review the list and press Merge to merge the contacts.

Android: Most recent phones contain Phone application features to remove duplicates and merge linked contacts. If your phone does not have it, try Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe, a free contacts application that will analyze your address book for duplicate contacts.

Clearing duplicates is a good temporary measure, but mistakes and extras will come up again if you’ve enabled syncing contacts to more than one account, such as iCloud, Gmail, and Hotmail. To minimize maintenance, create a single, cloud-based address book.

Manage your contacts in the cloud

Choose the e-mail service that you most use as the destination to back up your address book.

Export the contacts from any other service used as a CSV or vCard file. For e-mail, Microsoft Exchange, or iCloud accounts, go to the relevant site and the contacts section to manage contacts, including export. If you have contacts saved only to your phone, Android users can do this using the contacts application. IPhone users should download an application such as My Contacts Backup to export contacts as CSV and vCard files.

Enter the email service chosen as your central contact backup, click the contacts section and select the option to import contacts. You’ll be prompted to upload your CSV or Vcard files from your other accounts, resulting in the cloud-based universal phonebook you’ve always wanted.

Manually adjust contacts

Not all contact can be mass cast. Scroll through your list of newly adjusted contacts and look for things that the software can not identify. Exclude people you do not know and numbers that you know are no longer in use and update the default numbers for calls.

Clean your contact phone

Now that you have a single repository containing all of your selected essential contacts, you can safely clear your phone of all your numbers, without deleting them from your online accounts, before reloading your clean, consolidated address book.

iPhone: Try Groups. It’s not the most beautiful app out there, but it’s free and allows you to bulk exclude quickly.

Android: Download Contact Remover to easily delete all contacts from your phone without affecting contact accounts.

Resynchronize your address book

Now, sign in again with your email address and make sure you’ve turned on sync to Contacts.

iPhone: go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts and Calendars -> [your account].

Android: Access Accounts & Sync [your account].

Keep your contacts organized

With a freshly cleaned contact list, you’ll need to adjust your phone settings to keep it that way. If you have an email address that is used primarily to sign up for newsletters or website accounts, you should prevent it from syncing the contacts with your phone.

iPhone: Settings -> Mail, Contact and Calendars

Android: Settings -> Accounts & sync

On the other hand, to make sure that new contacts added to your non-primary email accounts are synced to your phone, check the settings above to ensure that you’ve enabled contact synchronization for those accounts.

When saving a new number to your phone, make sure the contact type is set for the account assigned to your contacts. You’ll want new contacts to be added to your universal cloud-based calendar , keeping it current.

iPhone: Settings -> Mail, Contacts and Calendars -> Contacts -> Default account

Android: Choose the type of contact.

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