Hotmail, Gmail and Skype Can be Banned by the Russian Government

Powerful successor to the KGB, the Service Security Federal Russia wants to make popular services like Gmail, Hotmail and Skype are blocked in the land of cold nights and hot blondes. According to information from the news network AFP , the agency is “deeply concerned” about the “uncontrolled use” of services, which use encryption keys “foreign” to ensure the safety of its members.

In the view of the director of information and special communications Alexander Andreyechkin, this practice can put the safety of all Russia in check. speaking at a meeting of the Russian government, Andreyerchkin said that “uncontrolled use of these services can bring great threat to Russia” as Gmail servers, Hotmail and Skype are outside the country and thus can be used freely by extremist organizations.


Soon, the statement created controversy and was denied by the local command. The Kremlin immediately tried to calm tempers in a statement which stated that “the statements of Andreyerchkin are your opinion and do not reflect the position of the Russian government regarding its policies regarding the Internet,” while an unidentified source said the subject “was beyond his authority to make statements on these services.”

According to the Minister Ilya Massukh communications, local policies on the regulation of the use of foreign encryption technology should have been determined in the month of October, but so far have not been completed.