Healthbook, IWatch, AppleTV and IPhone of Various Sizes. Rumorsfera

Sunday arrives, and with it ends a week moved as a rumors. They are rather continuations of those that they already saw last week, but they also provide us with interesting facts about this new category of products that Apple has planned for this year. And this time we have a lot of material, so let’s get to work sorting it by rumoured devices.

  • Let’s start by the iWatch. MobiHealthNews had reason to believe, last Monday, the attachment will not be more than that, an accessory. Nor much less the revolutionary device that many expect Apple, simply a smart bracelet with sensors to monitor our vital signs, including pulse and oxygen levels according to a Chinese newspaper that MacRumors is reflected.
  • However, Apple should be planning to sell many of these accessories if really all the Sapphire that the company has attended is aimed at the iWatch and not to the next iPhone screens as he had spoken before. They say it from Gforgames.
  • And how we will harness this bracelet or watch smart? As with the application Healthbook, According to the latest rumors. A Macrumors reader has done some mockups imagining how it could be this application that would come with iOS 8.
  • Another thing that would also be less ambitious as initially rumored is the next AppleTV. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is demanding increasingly less in negotiations with U.S. cable providers. The company has passed to all seasons of the series to simply have the rights to stop providing the last five chapters. Seems well aware of the American television industry how to tighten the nuts.
  • Another source indicates that this AppleTV could during the month of April but not to sell until Christmas, which would give time to developers to create all applications that would define this platform and the same Apple to continue negotiating with the owners of the content.
  • And let’s get started already in the next iPhone, with additional information and sources than ever before. Let’s start denying: the images that have circulated around so-called prototype of an iPhone 6 is false. Having said that, we can start with the rest of rumors.
  • A breakthrough in the technology of the LED panels It would allow Apple to make its next iPhone and iPad thinner, according to LEDInside. The iPhone would have various sizes, a camera with Sony (according to Nikkei) sensors and a practically non-existent framework According to Korea Herald. The supplier of components TMSC would use the same technology already exists in the TouchID sensor to recognize our fingerprint as reported by DigiTimes, so there would be no changes in this component.
  • With regard to the iPad, We continue with the rumors of a new larger model: MacRumors reported yesterday that this year we only see an iPad updated with the same size to which we are accustomed, while so-called 12.9 inch iPad would not see the light until 2015.
  • Also we have the eternal sound of a fruit OS of the Union between iOS and OS X. While Apple has denied it completely, some analysts still believe that sooner or later we will end up seeing something.
  • We ended this week with a rumor that complied would have been the hit of the year: the hypothetical purchase of Tesla Motors by Apple. It came in the form of suggestion to the directors of the company, and at least there has been domestic considerations. Tesla Motors is the company responsible for a fully electric high-end sedan, which our colleagues from Motorpasión can explain better its characteristics.

And so far this week Rumorsfera. I just remembering that within a week is held the Mobile World Congress, world event in Barcelona where Apple does not participate actively, but it tends to give a bombshell to draw attention. It has happened in the past two editions, and I have no doubt that can spend the same on this. We will watch from the city of Barcelona. Until Sunday coming!