Halloween Is More Fun Eliminating Ghosts in This Google Game

The new Google doodle celebrates Halloween with a minigame fun and compatible for your browser both on desktop and mobile version. The objective of the game is simple: eliminating ghosts with the magic wand of your character (an adorable black cat).

To play only, we have to go to Google doodle and click on the play symbol. It will then start the intro, in which we see our cat protagonist discovering a magic book that invokes a ghost and that transports us to another dimension.

From here we will have to go eliminating ghosts drawing the pattern that appears in their heads (a line vertical, horizontal, V, etc.). As we said at the beginning, works both in mobile devices and PC and not just for Chrome, so you have to use or your finger or your mouse to kill the ghosts, depending on where you play.

The game is divided in five levels: the library of the school of magic of the protagonist, the cafeteria, a classroom, gym and roof. They all have their respective final boss and, logically, as we move forward they will appear more ghosts and will be more difficult to remove.