Google Shopper Is Updated with Significant New Features (Not in Spain)

Google Offers, competition from Google for Groupon and similar, is taking steps to become a very interesting product. With the update of today’s application for Android Google Shopper It has taken a giant step.

Although the problem remains that it is very restricted territorially. The application is only valid in the U.S. and United Kingdom, and also some of the new features are restricted to few cities in USA.

The three innovations that presents the new version of Google Shopper are:

  • Deal of the day: The offer available day, is shown here as does Groupon. The bad thing is that this is only available in a few U.S. cities.
  • Offers closes: this is very interesting. Displays the offers that we have near our current location. I’m already seeing me in the center of my city looking for a cafe-based offers.
  • My offers: Bring all offers directly in the application also seems very interesting. How many times coupons have not forgotten us or did not have ink in the printer. With this application we will always bring bids in the Pocket, organized in the application itself.

In short, an application and above all a service with great potential, but at the moment it is restricted to a few areas. I if outside Groupon will be nervous, really.