Google Play and Up to 4GB Applications, Is Not All Gold That Glitters

Week last Google announced via his blog for developers who now programmers they could climb up to 4 GB Google Play, formerly known as Android Market. So far all good users benefited from it and the creators didn’t have to rely on their own servers to manage both traffic.

However this improvement, which a priori seems to be positive for all, has its nuances. Not everything is as good as it seems and is that this change not been sitting well everyone since for some developers more than a lead ends up being a problem.

We will explain the change that has occurred in Google Play. On the one hand the creators of apps only they may follow up inspirational of 50 MB. Something logical if we consider that a discharge very heavy from a mobile device can be quite frustrating. What also must be added the case of people who only download 3 g.

Lowered those 50MB other content have to download once the application is installed. In this case we have the difference that is Google who hosts files and not its creators. A priori is all advantages: more powerful servers that are able to deal with heavy traffic, less costs for developers… However there is a small problem.

When are you dropping data from the Google Server these the cache stored in internal memory. I.e., that the Android with little free space will have problems down according to what applications or games. Previously you could choose if the SD card could dump or not but with the current method, it is not possible, at the moment.

This change, among other reasons, is giving headaches to developers like Mika Mobile who said that changing the structure of their games to adapt to this change is a problem. In fact, and again I insist that there is more reason for Fund, has made the company leave Android for centraste in other operating systems.

At the moment things are so. Heavy applications cache resides in memory. Today almost all smartphones and tablets modern have no problem with that aspect, but with those who already have a time Yes. In fact every time I hear more complaints of how models as the Nexus One fall short in this respect. We’ll see if Google lifeline and the power arises use microSD cards to dump the cache and the data downloaded.