Flying Zacchinis Watches, Three Models Inspired by the Motor

It is the first time that you are talking about Flying Zacchinis, an American firm whose highlight is watchmaking, though the House also works the small accessories and handbags. Today in particular, we will focus on three of the new models of watches perfect for this Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013.

From the House they define their watches as models inspired by the world of the engine; motorcycles, cars, planes… but also as you jump to the view at THESCIENCETUTOR, with clear references to the past, such as storyline of this Mini elegant watches collection, you are distinguished from others by its peculiar calf cuff as a leather belt.

Three models of Japanese technology, with strong water resistant spheres and glasses scratch proof. The first model is the God Speed, a model with Chronograph and dial 40mm, with chocolate-brown belt, and clear reminiscence to the world of aviation.

The second, the model Hi Wire, It is similar but smaller smart dial, 37 mm, and Candy-colored belt. Finally, the model Rio Bravo, also with 37mm dial, it is surely the most classic of all three, which stands out for its large reflective numbers as the second.

Three sober and stylish watches, but at the same time they have a marked casual accent and adventurer. Three parts suitable for match looks in casual key. Take them with a blazer in marino, white shirt and jeans and win safe. If you are asking them, it has prices starting from €200.