Flash Player Is Relegated to High-End Phones

Two days ago we announced the availability of the new version of Adobe Flash Player, version 11, with significant performance improvements in the blog. Many frotábamos us hands, but this update has been accompanied of a big disappointment.

After you have installed the new version of Flash, this application is nothing more and nothing less than 17 MB, without the possibility of moving to the SD memory. This very much limits its use. Moreover, I would say that it leaves enforcement relegated to high range, with much internal memory phones.

I personally in the Nexus One have no space to Flash, and I had to uninstall it. And I know that on mobile phones similar (that not long ago were high-end) are also with water to the neck in terms of space. If you want to have Google (Gmail, Music, Maps, Market) applications and that also you can not uninstall, the Flash is hardly worth.

Adobe should review its policy not to move to the SD card. Google also has because of this situation, because almost none of its applications (which increasingly occupy more) can be moved. And remember that Android is an operating system not exclusively high-end Terminal, but you try to cover all the segments and makes it successfully (see if not Kindle Fire).