Fitbit Shares Fall Sharply after Presenting Blaze

Fitbit this week has been like a never-ending roller coaster ride: on the one hand enjoyed the glory of having your mobile application as the most downloaded just the day after Christmas, what did deduct many sales of sports bracelets were a success in the Christmas season, but on the other hand, an unexpected cold water jug: your watch Blaze has been very badly received by the shareholders of the company that has seen the value of their shares fall to lead.

The manufacturer has submitted its alternative closer to Apple Watch (but to be honest fuer, never has been described by Mark as a smartwatch) in the framework of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and a strategic maneuver in which plants face surprise to giants such as Apple or Samsung in a market that is still a mystery. Too many unknowns for investors who have not hesitated in Drag actions to a fall of 18% the same day in which the product was presented.

“A risky maneuver”

Fitbit has been reaping spectacular results in the segment of sports bracelets, and although it is true that the border that separates a smart watch them could be quite fine for those who employ these devices for sport… are really the same market? Not believe it so Daniel Ives, FBR Research Analyst, who has not hesitated to review the Fitbit movement as “aggressive and risky maneuver”.

And not missing arguments: Blaze is, in the end, a good sports sensor that have incorporated features of smartwatch as the reception of calls, notifications or agenda, but without an ecosystem or applications that nurture it… will really have options against its rivals? Investors do not see it nothing clear, and hence the loss of value of the shares. That Yes, Blaze has a few points in their struggle against the Apple Watch: priced at $200, battery for up to five days, water resistant and built-in GPS is enough?