First Views on the Duration of the Apple Watch Battery

Already more than 48 hours have passed since early adopters started receiving their Apple Watch, and as children with new shoes, they have launched to test it thoroughly. As it could not be otherwise, we started to have the first views on the Smartwatch of Apple by the network. What was it that most concern you? The battery? Don’t worry, we know as handled day to day.

The opinion is widespread among its users, Apple Watch meets as promised by Apple, and is not nothing problematic to reach the end of the day with battery on the SmartWatch. And that the most common is that in these early days we make a more intensive use of the device. In what seems to be found opinions is the impact on our iPhone battery, which as you know, Apple Watch depends on this for many tasks.

Some users have stated the net have noticed an improvement in your iPhone battery. The mere fact of not having to “out of pocket” iPhone to see notifications that are released directly to the clock seems to be the main cause. Many of the orchestrate are made directly from the watch, with the consequent saving of battery by iPhone.

But we also find otherwise. Ryan Block editor of Engadget declares in his Twitter account have noticed a considerable decrease in the duration of the battery and the culprit could be the Apple Watch application, consuming 31 percent of the resources of the iPhone. The views are found and perhaps the problem might reside in a “bug” software that produce this abnormal reduction.

It only remains to wait for our colleague Eduardo, who already owns a unit, make us an extensive analysis of the device out of doubt.