FatBooth, How Weight Gain by Moving Only One Finger

Tired of search diets to gain weight and that you fans you eat does not get it. Not you keep looking, we have the solution and is called FatBooth. Yes, you no longer have to spend their savings on the attempt, because this system is also free.

Surely there will be promotions on television of this style promising the opposite, but in this case we bring you an application that laugh at yourself and share it with your friends.

If your mobile phone does not have front camera have 3 possibilities: use a photo from your library, that someone take you the picture, either you put in front of a mirror to see the screen of the cell phone reflected and thus to center the image within the indicators.

The application has a system of recognition of head and once referred to the eyes, mouth and Chin is capable of detects if the head was tilted and correct indicators. Once the photo, moving the mobile you can see the before and the after. If you like the end result leaves you share it with Facebook, Twitter or save it in your gallery of images from the mobile.

You have an excuse to change the picture of your avatar and show off your new look.