Dropbox Is Updated and Allows The Automatic Ascent of Photos and Videos in The Background

Dropbox It has become in their own right in one of the most widely used file in the cloud services. Every so often they are introducing interesting useful news, in addition to users of mobile devices, and more specifically Android, they treat us very well. In fact, the latest update of the application introduced many improvements.

Meanwhile, the service continues to evolve and one of their latest enhancements now available in beta form. Dropbox now gives us the option of upload our photos and videos automatically to our account. Something especially useful to always have a backup handy.

At the moment this update has not come to the Android Market but we can download it from the Forum of Dropbox and install it manually. To take advantage of this new functionality We will receive 500 MB free in our account. In addition, the file size limit has increased up to 180MB.

If you are regular users of Dropbox, I recommend that you take a look. Version is stable and the news, also reaching the desktop version, are especially useful. A function by the way that also incorporates the customer of Google + Android.