Deutsche Bank Prohibits Whatsapp, SMS & co.

Deutsche Bank prohibits its employees use whatsapp, iMessage, SMS and other measuring eng services. Not only on company smartphones, but also private cell phones.

The Deutsche Bank prohibits all types of measuring narrow services like Whatsapp , their employees iMessage and Google talk. Even simple SMS are prohibited in the future. The economic news service reported that Bloomberg. With these measures, the Deutsche Bank wants to better meet their compliance standards.

This was announced by the Bank employees in a memo on Friday. The reason for the ban is of technical nature: Deutsche Bank can not going to archive text messages to meet Compliance requirements . For mails is very different, it can permanently secure easily the Bank for documentary purposes.

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The German bank House impose the ban text messages of all kinds in this quarter. Not only all of the Deutsche Bank to its employees of issued smart phones, so corporate smartphones are affected by the ban. But also all smartphones, which include the employees themselves, so private smartphones, if these are used for professional purposes. Just this ban should meet even harder the employees of Deutsche Bank in everyday life.

Deutsche Bank is fully aware that the complete text message ban the daily work of the German bank’s staff changes and makes it complicated. But this step is necessary in order to ensure that the Deutsche Bank meets in the future all regulatory and statutory requirements.

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Deutsche Bank is involved in violent disputes to controversial mortgage business in the United States. In July 2012, Deutsche Bank has deleted unintentionally 482 tapes with recordings of telephone conversations would have to actually save the Bank due to requirements of British financial supervision.