Datacards Plays Background with the Rise of MultiSIM and Smartphones

Increasingly are more the ones who abandon our USB modems in a drawer because of the multiSIM offered by many operators to more easily find WiFi hotspots to connect or by the possibility of creating a wireless network with our smartphone.

But this is not something of what we are speculating since reports that has been publishing the CMT leave him well clear, the number of Datacards in Spain has decreased 27.2% in a single year.

Far the era in which many contratábamos a mobile line specifically for use in a modem or other device and although still there are many that still boast a number comes down drastically lowering After years of the figure of the two and a half million in February.

according to,The real boom the datacards occurred in 2010, When almost and half million lines were added to Park lines but since at the end of 2011, these stopped ceiling, 3,377 million line, the trend has been downward, with the loss of two million lines in less than two years.

In fact the last February, the last month for which we have records at this time, the market lost other 125.061 lines in what appears a faucet open hard lock. We will have to watch for the coming months but with the current offer of many operators, who does not charge for a second SIM that share the main data, the trend has no signs of change in many rates.