Curved IPhones, Two Sizes and AppleTV IWatch A7-Processor. Rumorsfera

The rumor mill is clear: 2013 has already ended. Month and a half we still until we eat the grapes, but in terms of releases we have already completed. What remains now is that Apple is prepared for the launch of the Mac Pro and the demand for the holiday season, while view all already put in what we have prepared the company until 2014. Let’s see what they say rumors:

  • We started strong with the watches. Yes, the plural, because according to the latest rumors Apple would be looking to launch two different models because of its size. One for men 1.7 inches and another for women of 1.3 inches. It seems that in Cupertino want to leverage larger male dolls.
  • Do you are waiting to buy one? mini iPad screen retina but they are always exhausted? Don’t worry: it seems that the production will increase from the first quarter of the coming year.
  • The AppleTV It has not escaped this week: we could see a new model equipped with the processor A7 at some point in the year 2014. Full television, in any case, could appear in 2015. This it will be never ending rumor.
  • By the way, speaking of TVs… the so-called delay of its release could be since the Cupertino are focusing their work on devices that are going to have more demand, as the watches or smart rings.
  • And we ended up with a rumor that appeared just hours after posting our Rumorsfera from last week: the iPhone in the coming year they could have a screen of up to 5.5 inches, and these would be curved. Also the sensors would be improved so that they could detect various levels of pressure, and therefore to increase the number of shares that can be made with the simple touch of a finger.

And so far the rumours this week. I do not think that we have surprises in what remains of year now that the mini iPad screen retina already is in the stores, but that does not mean that rumors stop arriving. We will demonstrate this week that comes with a new compilation of rumors, until then!