Contest Spain 2012, a Great Event Dedicated to Android Finally in Spain

We have been long waiting for a great event dedicated exclusively to Android in Spain, the end has come. It’s the International Conference Spain contest to be held between days 6, 7 and 8 December in Murcia. An essential appointment for all Spain Android community and companies interested in developing applications Android.La franchise contest was born in Berlin in 2009 and since then have been held congresses in other cities, such as London, Amsterdam and now comes to Spain and, as a first stop, Murcia.

We’ll be there Engadget Android to tell you all what is talk and have first-hand interviews with the speakers and the developer community.

Spain contest will bring together developers, researchers and professionals in the industry during those three days to talk and know how to work all those involved in the creation of Android applications. If you are a programmer Android it is undoubtedly an essential appointment, since you will have a large group of first-level developers that will have your experience with the platform on the different tracks of the preparations, as well as being an ideal place for networking.

The structure of the Conference is composed of a Hackhatlon that it will develop throughout the 6 day of December. A good place to experiment with applications in a pure environment of development, together with other developers. We hope to be there seeing applications that are developed and the ideas that arise, are sure that many of them will end up in Google Play.

The next day, December 7 will begin sessions divided into different tracks with themes as the monetization of applications, tips to improve our productivity, developing applications, the secrets of tools (ADT, the emulator or the own SDK) development, Google TV, or augmented reality. And of course, discover as first-tier applications have been developed by explained by their own programmers and know them.

Between the speakers you will find many popular developers that you have been moving since the beginning of Android in Spain, as well as top international speakers. Among the “old Spanish known” ring names as people of Android Startup, Android10, Spartanbits or Droiders (the head of the Organization of the event). Not yet closed fully agenda, so it can still be a positive surprise.

To attend you can go through the website with detailed information of the event, as well as the sale of tickets for the event that is already available.