Cities and Resorts in Portugal


Lisbon – the “pearl” of Portuguese cities, enchants with its churches, castles, palaces, medieval streets and museums.

According to Sports Qna, the Lisbon coastline stretches from the wide mouth of the Tagus River to the beaches of the Alentejo, from the modern metropolitan metropolis to picturesque fishing villages. Located on the southwestern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Costa de Lijboa is characterized by diverse natural conditions and a mild climate, which is characterized by warm winters with an average temperature in January of about + 12 ° C and moderately hot summers, when, thanks to fresh breezes from the Atlantic, the average temperature in August is +24°С.

Those who come to Lisbon for the first time will see much more than they expected. The answer is that no literature can reliably describe a country where the contrasts of tradition and culture coexist, created over 15 centuries not only by local residents, but also by travelers and merchants from India, Japan, and Africa.

The first king of Portugal was Alfonso Henriquez, who from childhood dreamed of getting the crown, and in his youth he was fascinated by Lisbon, and in 1147 conquered it. A city of legend with a history of more than twenty centuries, Lisbon became the capital of Portugal in 1147, after its liberation from Arab colonization.

Lisbon – stands on the banks of the Tagus River, where its powerful overflow narrows again before flowing into the ocean. The Portuguese capital is already a diverse city in its topography. The sea of ​​houses stretches for many kilometers along the coast. Walking through Lisbon is a great experience, along with giant post-modern mall towers and old town dollhouses, you’ll see architecture of all styles – Lisbon lives in tension between melancholy decadence and myths of progress. You will need all the senses to perceive all the diversity of the streets with a variety of shops and pubs, sounds and smells.

Traveling in the vicinity of the capital, it will be very difficult for an inquisitive tourist to make a choice between visiting the historic area with the famous Bethlehem Tower and the Monastery of Hierominites (Jeronimos) – masterpieces of the Manueline architectural style declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and the Belem Cultural Center.

But Lisbon is also a city of festivities, the best shops in the country, lively nightlife, water sports.


15 km. to the west of Lisbon are the magnificent resorts – Cascais and Estoril – with a unique microclimate: warm and sunny in summer, and moderate in the rest of the year.

Once the Romans lived here, then the Moors, only in the 19th century Costa do Sol (Sunny Beach) became the Portuguese Riviera, thanks to hot springs and a mild climate.

During the Second World War, crowned heads took refuge in Estoril, and the Nazis and allies were here. Now these are trendy resorts with a lot of restaurants, shops and one of the largest casinos in Europe.

This is a traditionally favorite vacation spot for European nobility and the residence of royal families. Luxurious villas, eucalyptus groves, the best beaches in the central part of the country, magnificent hotels, gourmet restaurants, world-class golf courses, one of the most famous casinos in Europe and the famous Formula 1 circuit – all this attracts millions of holidaymakers from all over the world, and is already appreciated Russian tourists.


The world-famous beach and the largest center of tourism (casino, golf, autodrome). The largest shopping center on the coast, rich nightlife, ancient castles and churches make this resort one of the most popular in Portugal. The average air temperature in the summer months is 22-30 degrees, water – 19-22 degrees.


This is where the tourism industry in Portugal originates. A little over a century ago, the amazing beauty of nature and the mild Atlantic climate attracted the world’s elite and representatives of famous aristocratic families to Estoril.

Magnificent sandy beaches, the purest water and hotels inaccessible to a mere mortal are traditionally in demand among people of not timid means. Her Majesty the Queen of England often rests in Estoril, and the notorious Linda Evangelista has chosen a villa for herself. If you are tired of the noise of big cities, then there are many places for you in sunny Estoril where you can spend your vacation in peace and solitude. Fans of outdoor activities will appreciate the incredible variety of water sports activities and excellent golf courses. And as many as eight water parks will not leave you or your children indifferent.

Excursions in Portugal

We offer you a choice of excursions. For a guided tour in Estonian, 25 people are required (depending on the tour, possibly fewer people). In case the number of participants is less, the tours will take place in another language (English or German). There are no tours in Russian in the Algarve.

If there are 15 participants in the group, a representative of Horizon Travel will also accompany you. Registration for the guided tour is linked – this may affect the conduct of the tour in Estonian. Tours must be paid in Estonian kroons or on the spot in cash, in euros.
Children under 5 years of age are free of charge, children aged 5-12 have a 50% discount.

NB! Depending on the time of the tour, the price of excursions may vary slightly, therefore, prices for the summer period in the Algarve have not yet been officially presented. The choice of excursions will certainly expand – trips by ship on the Algarve coast will be added.

Historical Algarve – Silves, Monjic, Lagos (full day) An
excellent opportunity to get to know the main sights and nature of the western side of the Algarve. We will visit the fortress-city of the Moors Silves, see the old city and climb the mountain, look at the ruins of the fortress. We will drive to the highest geographical point of Foya (902 meters) in the Monjic mountains, from where a magnificent view of the Algarve opens. Let’s get acquainted with the picturesque city of Lagos, where the first slave market in Europe was located and large campaigns for discoveries started. Let’s go to the southwestern peak of Europe, to Cape St. Vincent, which was once considered the end of the world. We will also have a lunch break (not included).
Price: 535 CZK 34 EUR

Capital Lisbon
( full day) Lisbon is 285 km away. During the day, we will get acquainted with the main architectural sights of the city and get an overview of the history of the city. We will visit the monastery of Jeronimos, the historical part of the city – Belen and Alfama, a modern city. Free time for walking around the city and shopping. Lunch is not included.
Price: 730 CZK 47 EUR

Capital of Lisbon, Sintra, Casais and Estoril (2 days)
2-day excursion to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. We will get acquainted with the main architectural sights of the city and get an overview of the history of the city. We will see various historical parts of the city, after lunch we will make an excursion to the part of the city of Alfama and the fortress of the times of the Moors Castelo de Sao Jorge.
In the evening you can take part in the performance – fado (for an additional fee). Overnight in Lisbon. During the second day, we will visit the outskirts of Lisbon, get acquainted with Sintra, Casais and Estoril, which amaze with outstanding beautiful architecture. Of these, Sintra is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Sintra we will visit the summer residence of the kings of Portugal of the 18th century. After lunch we return to the Algarve.
Price: 1600 CZK 102 EUR

Wines of Évora and Portugal (full day)
The city of Évora (180 km from Faro) is a city of outstanding rich history and culture, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here are unique sights, monuments of the historical period, such as the castle of the Roman period, the medieval old town and the majestic cathedral. Undoubtedly, the chapel in the church of St. Francis, built from human bones, evokes a disgusting feeling.
After lunch, we will visit one of the wine cellars and get acquainted with the work of wine masters in Portugal. Lunch is not included.
Price: 710 CZK 45 EUR

Safari (full day, lunch included)
A fast-paced day during which we will drive a jeep along small surrounding roads, see a lot of beautiful nature, cute villages and get an idea of ​​how life is outside the resorts. We will make several stops along the way. We will visit the highest mountain points of the Algarve, Picotat (650 meters) and Foya (905 meters), which offer a unique view of Portimão, Alvoril and Lagos. On the mountains of Monjic, we will pause for coffee.
We have the opportunity to see how the locals make medronho and taste it. For lunch, they offer traditional chicken piri-piri. After lunch, we will get acquainted with the lives of local farms and make a stop to swim at a dam. After that we drive back to the hotel.
Price: 760 CZK 47 EUR

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