Challenges of Fashion that Apple Watch Will Have to Overcome

Six month later today announce their future Apple Watch, Apple submit it in society at a keynote with details before its release to the market date: the month of April. It is the first new product launching the U.S. company from the iPad in 2010. Apple watch is a great bet for new fronts and customers, trying their luck with a Virgin market for them and that is still untapped. Apple Watch wants to move beyond technology and this is with six challenges of fashion that will have to overcome.

Who will be the Trojan horse?

So far, Apple has managed to make profitable markets by third parties to then arrive later and offer an improved product and manages to position itself as a leader in sales. On the other hand, the smartwatch sector still does not break on the upside, while still very green, even though the race in search of the winning prototype are incessant among technology companies.

All brands have their model: Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Huawei… Each seeks to promote a virtue with which differ from the rest, be it design, circular or square, be it belt, technology or other options, but none ends up being the reference of a market that needs a Trojan horse among consumers.

Missing the mark which end up carrying the smartwatch into the public and transform it from a technological whim to a massive purchase. With Apple campaign and the approach it is very possible your Apple Watch is finished making the clock that opens the market.

Normal or futuristic watch?

The smartwatches began looking for a design that strived to them from the rest of normal watches. Futuristic option associated with the technology gained ground initially, but in the last few months and releases this has gone running in the background in front of others models seeking to resemble life designs.

The new clock of Huawei It aims to be one of the most desired market and in this case the company has opted for the second track. The own Vice-President of “Global Product Marketing”, Clement Wong, defines what they wanted in an interview for Engadget: “what we said is ‘we do that people see this watch and think that it is a clock, not a smartwatch'”.

LG has also forgotten the rectangular watch and its new model will be round and classic, same design we’ve seen in Motorola.

A luxury accessory

If Apple can do something well it is to transform your products into a Deluxe reference in a market dominated often by practicality. Despite the variety of offer and more affordable prices, your iPhone, iPad, and different computers just loyalty to a client that associates the brand with luxury, design, finish and a usability according to your needs.

Apple Watch official prices are not yet known, but already there are rumors that placed the version most exclusive for 10,000 euros, while the more accessible would total 349 euros. The massive luxury of Apple has been strengthened by his campaign in the field of fashion, where a watch ends up being something more than a simple accessory to look at the time, it is a reference point that speaks of style who takes it. The technology stays in the background from the design and associated values.

Rumors suggest that Apple Watch will be sold in luxury shops such as the galleries Lafayette in Paris, in addition to Apple’s own stores.

The consumer real ad

The run-up of Apple has returned to be perfect. First pulling a tiny stone, with very little information, but all his artillery around putting up to Apple Watch as one of the most desired smartwatches without even having gone on sale. A good test to see how the market breathes.

From the outset were clear that they would come from the field of technology and that they would seek to fashion. So bet big to appear on the cover of Vogue China with the most recognized Asian top of the moment: Liu Wen. Rose said bet with force to be in the special issue of Vogue USA March with no less than 12 pages of ads.

Minimalist and evocative Apple ads place your new watch as a piece of luxury within a context and media that are often abandoned by the technology. Apple has associated your watch with great personalities of the fashion. It now remains to be seen how this campaign in sales, beyond its loyal audience has worked.

A clock for each audience

Under a same name we see a clock with many faces. Apple bets by the simple and put your brand in the name of the clock, to strengthen the sale and do not disperse their product as it is happening with other brands, which in a short time have launched several models that have been confusing each other. In this case There is a clock for each audience, but all end up the same inside.

Apple will have three lines: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, each intended for a different public. General version to the most exclusive, passing through the sport. All in two sizes: 38 and 42 mm.

There will be three different materials for the watch case: steel, aluminum and gold, each with two options of different design (more or less dark, or in the case of gold, in gold or pink). Apple will have 16 belts to customize your watch.

One of the challenges for Apple is to conquer the female audience that has been addressed with particular emphasis during these months. Surely the Apple Watch will continue positioning itself between the celebrities and models to strengthen this campaign and aim.

Pebble Time, low-cost competition

Peeble Time

The Apple Watch does not get rid of the clones even before going on sale. As in the world of fashion, low-cost competition could be a rival to be reckoned by many watches of big companies.

In one week Time Pebble it has become the most successful Kickstarter project, achieving at this time 17.010.771 million dollar funding; the previous record was 13.285 billion by the multifunctional fridge Coolest Cooler.

Peeble Time It’s a smartwatch more with the exception of sell for prices starting at 159 dollars (the first 5,000 units, already sold out) and $179 (the following 23,000 units, there are now 6,000) by Kickstarter, while shops will arrive for $199, a price lower than others in the competition.

Apple Watch

Watch Peeble is also customizable. One of his designs available is with the Golden case and strap in red, model that has reminded Apple Watch in excess.