Sony Tablet P: from S2 Is P

Video titled At the IFA, Sony presents the Tablet P. Folding mechanism with dual display, the Android tablet is a real eye-catcher. First impression of the Sony Tablet P Sony Tablet P (Formerly S2) The project name Sony S2 is…
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HP Ipaq 6915

Last fall, HP Ipaq 6515 began selling and on Mobile, we noted in our test that it was a ” super machine”. Is this upgrade when competitors hard betting? For those who want to use email seriously means a keyboard…
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Lenovo Announces New Android Based Tablet

During the Mobile World Congress, Lenovo has officially launched its new Android-based tablet, all family 6.0 Marshmallow, Tab3. Let’s talk about 7, 8 and 10 Lenovo Business Tab3. In our video-preview head made at MWC. These are three products designed for a specific target; in…
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