Caribbean pearls

If you want to get to know a part of the Caribbean, then this is the trip for you!
You get to experience 3 of the famous Netherlands Antilles, ie. two of the ABC islands, Aruba and Curacao, as well as both parts of the island of St Martin / Sint Maarten. Aruba attracts with dazzling white beaches and azure sea; snorkeling and diving are popular activities. The motto of the island is “One Happy Island”
Curacao is a wonderful melting pot of many cultures. The capital Willemstad has parts that are UNESCO-classified. It also shows a large part of the history of the slave trade in the Kura Hulanda Museum.
St Martin / Sint Maartenön’s total area is 87 square kilometers, making it the world’s smallest populated territory divided between two nations. Here is everything for a good holiday.

Caribbean pearls 2

Day 1: Travel to Aruba Aruba
‘s rich diversity is reflected in its food, architecture and warm, friendly people. What started as a fishing outpost for Indians has changed owners between Spain and Holland for centuries, and is now a versatile part of the Netherlands.
Arrival in Aruba. Transfer to hotel. Overnight in Aruba.

Day 2: Aruba – Free day to discover the island.
The flag of Aruba was officially adopted on March 18, 1976, along with the official anthem “Aruba Dushi Tera.” The blue in the flag represents the sea that surrounds Aruba, the yellow is the color of abundance, red stands for love, and white corresponds to the island’s pristine beaches. The Arab tribe Arabs from mainland South America were the first inhabitants of Aruba. They were fishermen and hunters and depended on the sea for survival. When Alonso de Ojeda discovered Aruba in 1499, he claimed that it belonged to Spain, naming it “La Isla de Los Gigantes” or “Island of the Giants”. and set up a naval base during the 80-year war with Spain Overnight stay in Aruba (Breakfast)

Day 3: Aruba – Sightseeing by bus:
After this half-day excursion you will know a lot about Aruba’s history and culture. The professional guides give you both the “big stories” and general folklore so that you get to know everything about the island. Stops are made at rock formations, Fjärilsgården and the small natural bridge. Transport from and to the hotel is included. Half day fm. Overnight in Aruba. (Breakfast)

Day 4: Aruba – Palm Pleasure Snorkel Adventure
Start your day in paradise at Palm Pleasure. You have not seen Aruba until you have seen the coast at Palm Pleasure. On this four-hour excursion we will also take you to the island’s best snorkeling spots: Catalina Bay, Arashi Reef and the famous wreck Antilla which was sunk during World War II, and which is a snorkeler’s delight. During this memorable day of sailing and snorkeling, you will also enjoy a delicious lunch buffet with an open bar. Snorkeling equipment is available on board. Half day fm. Overnight in Aruba. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 5: Curacao
Flight to the neighboring island of Curacao. Transfer to Lions Dive & Beach Resort.
The island of Curaçao was discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda, one of Christopher Columbus’ lieutenants. There are various explanations for the origin of the word Curaçao. It is most likely that the Spaniards called the island “Corazon” (heart) at some point. A famous Portuguese cartographer at the time adopted this word in his own language as “Curaçau” or “Curaçao.” The island remained Spanish until the Netherlands conquered it in 1634. Holland became a leader in the international slave trade. Africans were sent from their homelands and transported to Brazil and Curaçao where they were sold to wealthy plantation owners from America. At that time, Curaçao was one of the largest slave depots in the Caribbean. Today we can view and learn about the slave time in the Kura Hulanda Museum, a strange exhibition about the slave trade. Overnight in Curacao.

All day free to explore the island. Overnight in Curacao. (Breakfast)

Day 7: Curacao – The Great Desert
If you are interested in seeing the whole island of Curacao in one day, this is the right trip. The west and east sides are complete opposites. The eastern side of Curacao is well populated, and most of the attractions, residential areas and hotels are located here. The main town Willemstad in the east is divided into Punda and Otrobanda. The highlights on the east side are the Queen Juliana Bridge, Willemstad, the Blue Curacao Liqueur Factory and Scharloo, the Jewish Quarter. The western side of Curacao consists of hilly landscapes and valleys, a variety of unique bathing bays, former plantation homes and small fishing villages. Christoffel Park National Park is also located on the west side, with the famous Boka Tablagrottan. The highlights on the west side are West Point, Boca Tabla Cave, Knip Bay, the Flamingo area and Salt Flats in Jan Kok. Overnight in Curacao. (Breakfast)

Day 8: Curacao – Hato Cave and Ostrich Farm
Want to get to know the biggest birds on earth? Join us on this educational and interactive tour that provides a unique opportunity to see the evolution from egg to adult bird and experience these strange birds. You can even feed them with just your hands. Once in the yard, you board a safari jeep where an expert guide tells you all about the ostrich. You will learn the difference between the black and the gray ostriches, how fast they can run and how far they can see. The Hato Cave emerged from the sea and is now a natural history monument. During this part of the tour, your cave guide will explain how these deep caves were formed thousands of years ago. In these fantastic caves you really experience the wonders of nature. Overnight in Curaco. (Breakfast)

Day 9: Full day trip to Little Curacao with sailing and snorkeling
Jump on board for adventure! Our 54-foot catamaran (fastest in the region) is the most comfortable, luxurious and fun way to discover the island of paradise, Little Curacao. Here you and your fellow travelers can explore the island’s natural beauty, as well as its outstanding beach. Snorkel, dive or just relax in paradise with crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. Light breakfast, delicious BBQ lunch with salad, steaks, chicken from the grill, bread and the captain’s famous peanut sauce, tropical fruits, bar with fruit punch, water, beer, wine, rum, vodka and rum punch. Snorkeling: Use of snorkeling equipment and instructions. Overnight in Curaco. (Breakfast)

Day 10: Flight to St. Maarten.
A fact so charming, that it must always be mentioned: The island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin is the smallest landmass in the world divided by two different nations. The island is only 87 square kilometers and is ruled by France and the Netherlands (where Dutch Sint Maarten is an independent country in the kingdom).

Dutch side
You will find Sint Maarten somewhat Americanized. But it is a combination of the Dutch and French side that makes the island a fantastically exciting holiday island. Independent since 10 October 2010 (10/10/10), but still part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Dutch side occupies about a third of the island.

French side
The French side is neither an independent state nor a colony, it’s just … France. It is the territory of the European Union and follows the rules and laws of France more or less strictly, somewhat depending on the administrators who have currently been sent from Paris.
The fact that Marigot, the capital, is not a cruise port preserves the small town feel.
The French side is home to many of the places one must see on the island. Here is Pic Paradis, the highest mountain with Loterie Farm, a private nature reserve with the last rainforest. Orient Beach is without a doubt the best beach and the gourmet village of Grand Case is unique in the world with its abundance of first class restaurants. Overnight in St.Maarten. (Breakfast)

Day 11: The best of St. Maarten & St. Martin!
The tour begins with us going through the Great Salt Pond towards Coralita Bay, a nature reserve overlooking the French island of St Barth. We will drive through the French Quarter, the first village inhabited by the French in 1629, and stop at Paradise View for a panoramic view of the popular Orient Beach. The next stop will be at the fantastic and popular beach Orient Beach where you can walk on the white beach, swim or sunbathe. Orient Beach has over 30 bars, restaurants and all the facilities to make you feel at home. Afterwards we head to Marigot, the charming capital of St Martin, and take in the French atmosphere. Visit Fort Louis, an excellent renovated fort built in the late 19th century. Climbing the stairs is well worth the effort for the views of Anguilla and the entire French capital. Then it becomes more of an adventure when we stop at Maho Beach, where you can watch the planes coming a few meters above the beach before landing at the adjacent airport. The tour then continues with a journey through Simpson Bay towards Philipsburg, with a photo stop at Cole Bay Hill
Free refreshments: water, soft drinks, beer, Guava juice, rum punch.
Overnight in St.Maarten. (Breakfast)

Day 12: Free day or day trip to St Bart.
Saint-Barthélemy, commonly known as Saint Bart, is a French island in the Caribbean. The island was a Swedish colony in the years 1784–1878, after which it was sold back to France. The Swedish heritage can still be seen through the names of towns and streets and in the island’s coat of arms that bears the three crowns. There is a daily ferry connection between Gustavia on St Bart to both Philipsburg, and Marigot on St Martin / St Maarten. Not included in the price. Overnight in St.Maarten. (Breakfast)

Day 13: Free day or day trip to Anguilla
Anguilla is located north of St. Martin / St. Maarten and is a flat, low-lying island consisting of coral and limestone. The island is about 26 km long and 5 km wide. Anguilla is well known for its spectacular and ecologically important coral reefs. There is a ferry from Marigot in French St. Martin over to Blowing Point, Anguilla and takes about 25 minutes. Not included in the price. Overnight in St. Maarten. (Breakfast)

Day 14: Return journey
Transfer to the airport for return journey. Night flight home.

Day 15: Arrival in Sweden
We arrive at the place of departure in the morning.

Caribbean pearls