Cares Where and Who Your Smartphone Is the Ideal Tool

Most of us have been half life in the mobile, many times without realizing. It is not only our telephone contacts or Facebook, photos and intimate videos, but also other data that indicate where we are and where we have moved previously.

As you can imagine, this information is the most valuable for any stalker who wants to follow, stalk and know everything, absolutely everything a person. Hence intelligent terminals, our dear Smartphones have become the ideal tool and the nightmare of thousands of individuals.

A recent study by NPR at has tried to see how far the mobile was a key element of the standard stalker. To do this they toured several shelters for people met and battered in the United States asking about this issue to perpetrators and victims.

The results have been overwhelming, since more than 85% of the harassment had it been through the phone GPS systems, 75% with other remote monitoring tools installed in the terminal and more than half asked for help to turn off your GPS tracking system.

Spying on your phone, within the reach of everyone

And it is increasingly easier to watch a person via mobile phone. Already you don’t need to be Jack Bauer or Chloe O’Brian to install a system of spyware on the phone of an acquaintance, just a few minutes with the terminal of the victim and a bit of information available in hundreds of Internet pages.

You no longer need to be Jack Bauer or Chloe O’Brian to install a system of spyware on the phone

Applications initially developed to protect and monitor children are becoming the allies of these stalkers. Some are legal and payment, such as for example mSpy, of which I spoke some time, that offers everything you need to monitor closely: GPS tracking Mobile at all times, access to all emails sent and received, keylogger that stores everything that is written on the phone, historical calls, audio discussions, access to photos and videos, etc. Come on, the paradise of any spy thriller.

But is that in addition to the software gives the option of acquire the terminals with everything ready to go to spy and harassment from the first minute. And all available for a reasonable price that we pay mensualmete comfortably and without that alter our budget.

It is certainly a controversial topic that puts in risk the mental health and physics of ever more people. The solution? Because it is complex. As discussed in the study of NPR is the most immediate stop using a smartphone that potentially you can install these applications and move on to a more basic terminal.

There is also that Watch where it left the phone and who has access to it, even if it is only an instant. It is not to be paranoid, but if we are in a situation of risk, it is better to be cautious.

Finally, in the most extreme cases, the only option is to live in a kind of electronic, though of course this Faraday cage only solve part of the problem, cyberbullying, but not the basis of the same.