Canalys Confirms the Overwhelming Dominance of the Apple Watch

Although Tim Cook still does not reveal the mystery, it seems that the Apple Watch is being a sales success, or at least that’s what deduct different forecasts published by analysts. A few months ago we did echo of the rapid evolution of the device on the market and how it was ahead of its rivals, but Canalys offers us now other data which corroborarían the excellent health of the device on the market.

Analysts speculate that the Apple Watch coparía already two-thirds of the sales of smartwatches in 2015, which would place the device in absolute leadership positions in their first year of life. The report specifies that Apple would have been distributed in the market a whopping 12 million units of the clock of the Cupertino, which would place it at the top of the table. Samsung restore the second position Thanks to the good acceptance in the market of the S2 Gear, while Pebble would be third.

All the rage by the wearables

Apple would have taken good advantage of the Christmas season and is that according to Canalys, the firm would have served up to 5 million units in the last quarter of 2015, the bulk of sales of a segment that grows at a rate of 60% with respect to the previous year. These figures refer only to smart watches, but if sports bracelets are also included, the table changes: Fitbit, Apple and Xiaomi, in that order, coparían the positions of market leadership.

Figures cannot reach at a better time, just a few weeks of the rumored Apple Keynote, and while the firm still does not reveal the actual volume of this business for the company. And now that we are talking about rumors, the Tim Cook would have already in kitchen the next version of the clock, with enough innovations to strengthen this leadership position.