C427 Radio Players

If you can live without the DAB, is a fine way to radio C427-experiences in large format. Genuine NAD-sound quality and thoughtful features make this FM/AM tuner for a natural extension of your stationary installations. Remote control included.

Highlights of NAD C427 – accomplished and easily operated FM tuner for your facility

  • High sound quality
  • Easy-to-read 4-line LCD display
  • 40 presets
  • Remote control included
  • 12V trigger inputs for auto-on/off with compatible amplifiers/receivers

NAD C427 – accomplished and easily operated FM tuner for your facility
C427 is a well constructed FM/AM-tuner that gives you quality radio to your stationary installations. If you cannot receive DAB where you live – or can do without it – is this stylish tuner a good alternative. As always with NAD is the sound quality in the top, and you get RDS RadioText on/FM, so you can see the name of the station you are listening to. >> item source


Some stations also send additional info about the music, etc., while the broadcast runs, almost like on DAB. If the station does not support RDS, you can even dial the station name into – a very convenient finesse, which definitely is not self-evident on today’s FM tuners.

C427 is available in graphite finish. Remote control included.

Product description

C427 – the sound quality in the front row
C427 NAD’s builds on the experience of previous generations of tuners, and in this latest version is the reception quality at a level that is fully on a par with today’s transmissions – or even better. The new MOS-FET-based receiving section has improved sensitivity and lowered noise levels generally.  View item source. Combined with a very high component quality and carefully print layouts you can confidently rely on the fact that it is not the tuner, which sets the limits for your musical experience.

Captures all stations at peak performance
Regardless of whether the signal is weak or strong, can get the best out of any C427 station. Auto-search function stops automatically at the next strong station on the Ribbon and optimizes the setting for this. Weak stations can be loaded manually. If a station is noiseless in mono, but full of sus in stereo, you can use the “Blend” feature, which limits the stereo separation for the benefit of a lower noise level. And if you turn off FM Mute function to, you will not have to hear the annoying noise between stations when you are looking for.

Convenient control
C427 has space for a total of 40 preset stations, which you can distribute on FM and AM. With the supplied remote control, you can easily and quickly find your favorite station, and you can also manage all other functions of the tuner from the couch. With the 12V trigger in and IR-in do you have many flexible options to get convenient function together with your other plants. For more information, see item source.

NOTE: the built-in FM tuner will not work after the expected closure of the FM band within a few years.

Technical specifications

Category: FM/AM-tuner
Headphone Out: No
Antenna: Standard 75 ohm
DAB Band: No
Display: 4-line LCD
FM/RDS RadioText:
Clock Radio: No
Sleep function: no
Presets: 40
Remote Control: Yes
Color: Graphite
Size: 43.5 x 9.9 x 31.5 cm (Wxhxd)
Weight: 4.6 kg

RDS RadioText on/FM

40 station presets (can be distributed optional between FM and AM)
Am-and non-RDS stations can be named with up to 8 characters
Display can be dimmed
Signal/noise: 65 dB (mono) 60 dB (stereo)
Sensitivity FM: 10dBμV
Capture ratio (FM): 3 dB
Blend and FM mute function
RS-232 port
12V trigger inputs
IR input
NOTE: the built-in FM tuner will not work after the expected closure of the FM band within a few years.