Bully, The Popular Rockstar Game Comes to Android to Celebrate Its Tenth Anniversary

Surely more than one has heard of Rockstar Games, the company responsible for games such as saga Grand Theft Auto or Max Payne, both mobile platforms and consoles and computer. However, until now there was no Bully saga mobile game, but with the tenth anniversary of the game company has taken to publishing a Special Edition.

Available for both Android and iOS, Bully: Anniversary Edition It contains the history of the original game as well as extra missions, unlockable items, or mini-games in class. The game is optimized for screens of major resolutions, and also has a multiplayer component turns.

Some of the mini-games that you can access are see who dissects frogs faster, solve word problems in English or help a flying squirrel (who doesn’t have one) to destroy your enemies by throwing acorns (the weapon used most by squirrels soldier), among many others.

The game is not free download, but payable €6,99 to enjoy as well as optional purchases once inside the game. You need to use Android 4.0 or higher to download the game, but for now it seems compatible with very few devices, perhaps you can download more models of mobile gradually.