Beoplay A1-Danish Design at Its Best [TEST]

Review: Lydspecialisterne from B & O has created a small Gold Nugget Beoplay A1 of a speaker.

Good sound fills. It is something the laws of physics dictate. But an active life with travel, meetings and nature puts restrictions on how much music you can have with it.

Exactly the problems have Danish Beoplay, a sister company of illustrious B & O, grublet over. And the answer to that problem is now called BeoPlay A1.

It is the smallest and youngest member of the family of BeoPlays A-series ranging from the flat, portable, but twice as large A2 and all the way up to the A9 as more is a piece of furniture than a cell size.

Today’s test subject is therefore a new untested waters for BeoPlay-but even if it is small, it can, if the hitter, will be the company’s main product-for among the wireless speakers are the small sizes by far the most popular.

Specifications BeoPlay A1

Size: 4.8 x 13.3 cm
Weight: 0.6 kg.
Battery: 24 hour playback, 2,200 mAh
Sound: 2-way, 1 x ¾ “tweeter, 1 x 3.5” woofer
Power: 2 x 30 watts digital amplifier, 2 x 140w peak, 60-24 000 Hz
Colors: silver and green
Connections: Bluetooth 4.0 and 1 x line-in
Price: 1,999 dollars

Danish design

Already at the first meeting of the Rails BeoPlays unapologetic approach to design and materials. A1 was designed by Cecilie Manz, which offers its award-winning experience.

The witness in the surface of the Mentos-like design that fall fully in line with the company’s other design delicious products. Brushed aluminum complement a base of light rough plastic, which both appear solid and non-slip.

The round design is rounded off by a rough leather strap that makes it easy to mount on a hook or carabiner.

It measures 133 x 48 mm and weighs 600 grams. It makes it a tad too big to be in coat pocket, but it is still so light and compact that you will never hesitate to throw it in the bag.

A1 is, despite its refined exterior, both water and dust-resistant. It will therefore not fear a walk on the beach. That said, I doubt that I will have the heart to let it loose in the sand. I’d rather protect the fine finish.

To that end, it had to be appreciated that the Beoplay included a kind of carry pouch for A1. But the available so not with A1. Even the charger and jack cable not supplied – the only thing not included is a good enough, reversible, USB-C cable.


Multiple connectivity options

Wireless audio requires a strong connection, as in A1 is handled either by Bluetooth 4.0. In A1 range is good, with a connection that is liable himself brilliantly fixed, even if you are a second room up to 15 meters away.

You set this up in the usual show via bluetooth, but can be fine-tuned through BeoPlays own app. Here you can adjust the sound tone, from the warm and rich to the more clinical or analytical.

Another interesting solution is that you can connect an additional A1’er in order to achieve real stereo sound.
A1 has the same time headset features and 360 degree sound, making it an excellent conference solution for conference room or Office.

Sounds like the big

Where most Pocket speaker Bull for either one or two full-range units, works A1 instead following the same principles as ‘ real ‘ speakers with a 2-way setup.

Instead of relying on small 40-50 mm drivers, provided the sound instead of a 20 mm tweeter for tweeters and, most importantly, a large 90 mm woofer, which makes all the difference when the bass to be pumped out.

The result will be that the BeoPlay A1 blows any competitor of pitch on by sounds much bigger than it actually is – I actually prefer its sound to A2’eren. As long as your music is not too bastung, you can actually fool anyone into believing that it is an architectural installations that play.

The soundscape inherits Beoplays penchant for a neat, even a bit clinical, version. The garments many types of music such as jazz, podcasts, classical or pop, but have more muscular beats broken illusion – A1 is, after all, only a travel speaker.

Screws you up, keeps the A1 from becoming too strident and bass are kept more or less in check. The sound pressure level 86 dB framework, which is enough to fill the Office or bedroom with harmony.


Smart and durable

To enhance the sound further, advises A1 of a few tricks. Makes you A1 on a Board, shall ensure the floor strong grip to get the table to vibrate with, which enhances the bass. However, it can irritate at times that the desktop dunker with to diskodaskoen.

Another popular trick is A1 ‘s ability to function in stereo. You add an extra A1’er to your lydsetup, will be the sound not just higher, it will be noticeably better. For a unit price of about 2,000 crowns, it is an expensive solution, but the package sounds much better than BeoPlays A2’er, but filling and weigh the same.

The competent package is rounded off by an excellent run time. My test unit has now been running uninterrupted by Office volume for almost 20 hours – but the battery is still almost half full. Thus performing better than A1 in the promised 24 hours. Impressive.

BeoPlays best product to date

It is generally a good sign for a product’s character that I very reluctantly will hand it back when the testing period is over. I certainly have no desire to return BeoPlay A1.

With A1 danske BeoPlay for poured the right dose of know-how, quality, design, battery and especially audio quality into a chic and convenient format.

When the summer sometime will spread over the land, I will therefore not be in doubt — it will be Beoplay A1, which should be down in the picnic basket. Actually two of them.

Only reason to resist, will be the price. 1,999 dollars is far from cheap, but since the bears comparison with larger units, deserve the near top rated: 5 ½ stars.