Been to Identify The Prepaid or Not? The Case of The BicPhone

We are talking about several weeks of the tricky issue of the identification of prepaid cards. I say tricky because there are no more than read twenty-five comments that generated that input to see the diversity of opinions of readers.

We saw on television a journalistic work of research in the “ low funds ” of Barcelona showing how sold prepaid cards without having to identify themselves in a somewhat sordid environment stores.

I understand we all know the rules, all prepaid lines must be identified before November or will be void and assumes that for months all the prepayments that are sold must be identified at the time of the sale, so it occurred to me a few days ago with a down-payment of Vodafone.

We will not remove the value to work as a journalist I’ve mentioned but there are no to go to sites specially “ underground ”. There is no more than a stroll to a mall, take a BicPhone prepared in his blister in the boxes next to the chewing gum and batteries, pay it and leave quietly. I don’t know if this phone is exempt from some form of the law given their special way of marketing but is curious, nor do I know if what I have experienced is an isolated case, perhaps the comments contribute us something.

And we are not so “ papanatas ” to think that this is very serious and that the “ bad ” will use this for malicious purposes, which already have resources to do so. It is once again we meet as citizens stunned to standards which are strange criteria.