Bali or Thailand – which would you choose?

Let us guess – you’re here because you’re dreaming of a trip to either Bali or Thailand.

Both destinations offer stunning cultural attractions and nature experiences, beautiful sandy beaches and delicious taste experiences.

But which one should you choose, Bali or Thailand?

We can help you make a decision.

Unique travel destinations

Bali and Thailand are both great Southeast Asian resorts.

Where Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Indonesian island nation, Thailand has for years been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Bali offers a lot to see and do in a relatively small area, while Thailand is a big country that offers a myriad of different experiences from north to south.

But which one is more suitable for you?

Bali travel experiences

Amazing experiences

Southeast Asia is full of travel destinations that offer more amazing experiences than each other. There is also no shortage of culture and nature in Bali or Thailand.

Bali travel experiences

Bali weather

Bali has a lot to see and do in a small area. Time is not guaranteed to be long, and Travel time between different destinations is always fairly accurately predictable.

The most important cultural experiences in Bali are the many impressive temples on the island, which have also given Bali the nickname “Island of Thousands of Temples”. Most Balinese are Hindus, and religion is visible everywhere. On the streets you can often see small sacrificial gifts, which may include e.g. incense, flowers, biscuits.

In addition to cultural experiences, Bali offers incredibly great nature experiences. The rugged scenery of the famous Batur volcano comes into its own when viewed from a vantage point in the Kintaman plateau. Also worth seeing is the 20-meter-high Red Coral Waterfall, which bursts down from a lush mountain wall. The rice terraces of Tegalalang are man-made, but they can still be said to be among the most stunning natural landscapes in Bali.

Travel experiences offered by Thailand

Travel experiences offered by Thailand

Starting with letter A listed on Countryaah, Thailand is a big country that offers a variety of exciting experiences. The size of the country also means that journeys from one destination to another are longer than in Bali.

There is no shortage of cultural experiences, at least in the country’s capital Bangkok, where you can enjoy the market atmosphere, visit the Golden Grand Palace or sail the canals of the Chao Phraya River, which are still important transport routes for locals. Further north, you can embark on an interesting train ride on the Death Railway, visit a tribal village, hop on a bicycle saddle in the country’s old capital, Sukhothai, or learn how to cook Thai food on a cooking course.

Thailand also offers great nature experiences. One such is the Golden Triangle near the Myanmar border. Formerly known as the center of the opium trade, the area has beautiful valleys, mountains and rainforests, and in the middle of it all flows the mighty Mekong River. At the southern end of the country, you can visit Khao Sok National Park, known for its diverse fauna, beautiful lakes, pulping rivers and steep limestone mountains.

Beach life

When we talk about Bali or Thailand, many come to mind first for their stunning, miles of sandy beaches and turquoise crystal clear sea water.

Both destinations provide an excellent setting for a relaxing beach holiday.

Bali beaches

Bali beaches

Bali and the surrounding small islands have beaches for all tastes and all kinds of beach destinations.

The beaches of Sanur in southeastern Bali are wide and golden. In Sanur, you can laze in peace on the beach, knowing that all amenities are at your fingertips. There are many hotels, restaurants and bars along the seafront promenade. When hunger or thirst surprises, food and drink are always found nearby.

Located on the north coast of Bali, Lovina Beach is known for its dark lava sand and calm waters. However, Lovina’s biggest attraction is the playful dolphins, which you can watch on an early morning dolphin safari.

The small tropical Nusa Lembongan is just a 45-minute boat ride from Bali. The island is the perfect destination for a beach holiday ending with a tour if you want to see a little more of Indonesia before returning home. Nusa Lembongan makes it easy to relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy the white sandy beaches, as well as the clear waters surrounding the island, perfect for snorkelling.

Thai beaches

Thai beaches

The coast of southern Thailand is long and has countless picturesque paradise islands in front of it.

One of the best sandy beaches is located on the island of Koh Nga , which is like a little piece of heaven. There is no traffic noise or large crowds of tourists on the island, as there are few hotels. The stunning scenery of the island creates the perfect setting for an enjoyable beach holiday.

One of Thailand’s most popular beaches is Nang Thong Beach in Khao Lak, north of Phuket . Khao Lak is a great choice if you want to combine a beach holiday with amazing nature experiences that you can experience in Khao Sok National Park, for example.

Last but not least, Chaweng Noi Beach , located on the island of Koh Samui and exudes a relaxed island atmosphere. Here you can relax with a good book and cool drinks or go out and try a wide range of water sports.


Asian cuisine is colorful and full of exciting flavors. In both Bali and Thailand, the basic pillars of cooking include rice, noodles and fresh vegetables.

Balinese food

Balinese food

Fried rice or nasi goreng and fried noodles or mie goreng are Balinese classics usually served seasoned with vegetables and meat or crabs. In most cases, an egg is also included, and sprinkled with salted peanuts, fresh spring onions and small dried anchovies, which gives the food a delicious mouthfeel!

Chicken satay is another dish that Balinese know how to prepare. Almost every beach restaurant grill has a long row of chicken skewers that are marinated in coconut milk and seasoned with countless delicious spices. In addition to chicken, satay skewers are made from beef, pork and goat – and in some places also fish.

Thai food

Thai food

Thai food is incredibly varied and delicious in the mouth! If you feel like you are a washable foodie, Thailand will impress with the Guarantee.

Pad Thai is a world-famous noodle dish made from rice noodles, aromatic spice sauce, meat and vegetables. The recipe sounds simple, and it is, but it tastes heavenly good! Pad Thai is a favorite food for many Thai travelers, and no wonder.

Green and red curry are also an integral part of Thai cuisine. Green curry is stronger, and green chillies are used for curry paste. Traditionally, eggplant and Asian basil are chopped into curry leaves. Red curry otherwise resembles green curry, but red curry paste is made from milder red chilies.


Most travelers to Southeast Asia dream of tropical temperatures, sunny days, and warm bathing waters.

Both Thailand and Bali are year-round travel destinations that are always warm. However, when planning a trip, you should take seasonal variations into account.

Bali weather

Bali has two seasons – a dry season and a rainy season.

  • The dry season runs from April to September. In the dry season, temperatures are high, the sun is shining and there is usually very little rainfall. So Bali is a good option if you are planning to travel on a summer vacation.
  • The rainy season lasts from October to March. At this time, the weather is a little more whimsical, and heavy rain showers are not uncommon. However, rains rarely continue throughout the day. Often the rains come at night, with rainy days during the day.

Weather in Thailand

Weather in Thailand

Thailand is a long country that stretches about 1650 km from north to south. This means, of course, that the weather varies a lot depending on where you are in the country.

Thailand can be divided geographically into four parts, which are Northern Thailand, Central Thailand, Eastern Thailand and Southern Thailand.

In northern, central and eastern Thailand, the year is divided into three seasons, which are the hot season (late February to May), the rainy season (May to October) and the cool season (mid-October to early February). Check Bridgat to see weather and climate in Thailand.

In southern Thailand, the year is divided only by the dry season and the rainy season. They, on the other hand, coincide at slightly different times depending on whether they are on the east or west coast.

  • On the West Coast Islands (Koh Lanta, Koh Ngai, Koh Mook) the dry season starts in November and lasts until March
  • On the east coast islands (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan), the dry season begins in January and lasts until September.

Which destination should you choose?

Bali and Thailand are both excellent resorts that offer a huge amount of things to see and do.

The choice of trip is influenced by many different factors, but we hope that our comparison will help in decision-making.

At least one thing is common to both Bali and Thailand: a relaxing and adventurous vacation is guaranteed in both.

Bali or Thailand