AR Project Argus at Zeiss: Auch Apple Care?

Current rumored Apple developed an augmented-reality glasses in cooperation with Zeiss.

Apple developed an augmented-reality glasses together with the German Carl Zeiss AG. That wants to have experienced by an employee of the Zeiss 2017 IT blogger Robert Scoble in the framework of the CES. What is the truth of this rumour, remains to be seen. Neither Apple nor Zeiss wanted to express so far publicly. Zeiss only confirmed that is the internal startup smart currently pursuing optics with the further development of AR glasses modeled on Google Glass. On our email request, the spokesman to the alleged rumors of cooperation said only: “No comment”.

Industry experts consider the current speculation but for credibility. Apple is currently very intensively researching the grapevine according to augmented reality and the Carl Zeiss AG has dispatched its own team for development work. The joint project of the two companies should bear the code name Argus and be the first mass-grade data glasses in the world.

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While Google and Microsoft specifically targeted with their AR solutions to companies, the Apple goggles should aimed at end users. For this, Apple have decided the rumored for a very unobtrusive design. Outside the AR glasses almost indistinguishable from a conventional prescription to be indistinguishable. The integrated technology will allow but augmented and mixed reality applications.

Smart optics developed his augmented-reality glasses since 2014. At the beginning of last year, the startup unveiled a new prototype. The Zeiss glasses allows not only AR applications, but can with matching glasses correct also vision and provide sun protection.

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