Apple Watch, Your Interface Y La Television’s Apple Connection

With each presentation of Apple one wonders what will be the next step, which new product be displayed at the next event. A week ago we met the new iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple Pay, novelty that already had been rumored. A few days later Tim Cook, the company’s current CEO, gave an interview in which several issues were put on the table.

And one of them referred to the TV that is always commented that they could be developed but never stops coming. It was not a direct way of saying it but with his words that television is one of those products that has not evolved since the 1970s, practically confirmed that they have plans to change the situation.

The Apple TV

TVs have not evolved so surprising in recent years is true but not categorically. We have seen as new technologies (Plasma, LCD or OLED) They allow us a superior image quality. Even more so now that we have panels UHD 4K and even some other prototype 8K. What has not changed has been the basis of his performance despite various proposals.

The main reason that the experience remains intact is that only internet could modify it but we have two problems. On the one hand the television groups different television stations that refuse to change their business model. To support important charges must find a formula most advertising that allows them to continue to pay. That is complicated and subscriptions work but should add value. And of course, someone would pay to see Telecinco?

The other drawback is as fault of manufacturers who do not seem to find the magic formula to define a platform Smart TV that fall in love with. Options we have to Samsung, for usability to LG but neither end of dawn, be reason why actually you buy one of their TVs.

And it is that the majority of Smart TV seem to have been developed thinking about the same experience on a smartphone. Big mistake. Because we do not have a control method as agile as the touchscreen or orders are transmitted at the same speed. Therefore, with the traditional remote control only any action that we want to do beyond the volume or change the channel we ralentizamos.

New Apple TV, the first step

Even though they appear rumors and without can never rule out no possibility, my opinion is that the first step in the modernization or by Apple TV revolution will be the new Apple TV. Launch a disruptive television against the current options is complicated. For this reason, nothing better to start with what should attract users: software.

If we look at Apple Watch, a future Apple TV could follow the same timeline of the clock. I.e. Google introduces Android Wear, manufacturers launched their first versions, Apple introduces its Apple Watch and introduces improvements at the level of usability. Or at least proposed to achieve them.

The “ Android Wear ” the Apple TV would be Android TV, operating system of Google to include in set top box as well as in some TVs from manufacturers such as Sony. Google designed for TV system offers interesting news, being that most stands out its interface and the option of games. Not to mention another alternative that we saw, the Kindle Fire TV.

Now imagine an Apple TV with an interface similar to the Apple Watch, with a remote control with a scheme similar to the clock buttons. If the watch Gets a great impact and users adapt to its interface, it could be a very good idea to carry a TV. In addition, we could even control it with the clock or iOS devices.

A very complicated product

Apple has always had some ability to redefine, in order to improve and create new product categories. Or at least useful and seated. But on TV it is very complicated. The Chief complaint of every user is its speed of operation. Something that is not easy to fix for more processors quad core that they integrated. Because the simple fact of having a big screen creates you a sense of heaviness if the interface is not fluid.

In addition, large manufacturers such as Sony, LG, Samsung or Panasonic among others will not put it easy. Even Roku that seems to have signed several partnerships to bring their services beyond the borders of the United States or Canada. I hope that my ideas are not so outrageous, that you are not very wrong and that we will soon see that vitamin-enriched Apple TV which serves as the first step for a future Apple TV.