Apple Watch the Pace of Sales Would Remain Unstoppable

How many Apple Watch have sold really? As you know, the Cupertino firm is jealously guards this data and does not give us any clue as to the actual volume of sales. In this sense, we must always move in the field of the forecasts by experts, such as which comes to us from the Swiss Bank UBS, which advances strong sales of the device Despite the fact that it takes fifteen months on the market.

The entity moves that they would have sold in the second quarter a total of 1.7 million Apple Watch Why is this figure striking? Because it would have grown compared with the previous quarter.

The most popular smartwatch

This unexpected growth in sales is surprising especially when we are at the gates of see a renewal of the team Although it was not fulfilled the forecast announced that Apple Watch 2 would come at the beginning of the year. UBS also adventure that they will be sold in total more than ten million units at the close of the fiscal year of 2016.

according to computerminus,If this figure is true, Apple Watch would be the most popular smartwatch for the second consecutive year and that forecasts of USB, as it aims MacRumors, they would be short: Strategy Analytics increased the turnover of the first quarter of the year to 2.2 million units, well above the Swiss entity.