Apple Watch Series 2: Submersible and with Integrated GPS

The rumors have been confirmed and the evolution of the Apple Watch has been announced officially at last. One of the new features is the clock will be resistant to dives and not just from splashes, as in the previous version. Another of the great innovations of this new model is that it will take Built-in GPS as had been rumored.

Apple has taken advantage of the update to renew completely the processor the clock, which now integrates a accelerometer and those of Cupertino promise that this way will be easier the creation of apps for developers.

Ceramics, new material

The Cupertino have wanted to reinvent the Apple Watch by full and good example of this is replacing the steel for the ceramic as a component of manufacture of chassis and ensure that it is four times more resistant than steel. In regards to the range, it will be available in four new colors.

In regards to the Built-in GPS, in the keynote have shown how can be used independently from the clock for our location at all times, and if we leave a scheduled route, Apple Watch Series 2 We will alert of this. But without a doubt, the main advantage of integrating GPS, as it reminds us of Apple, is that you can leave your iPhone at home When leave to do sports.

Bet on sport

Another great letter played by Apple with the Series 2 is without a doubt of sport: the new smartwatch has a version Nike+ it sticks where most hurt rivals, to the point where the actions of the Fitbit they have plummeted After the announcement of the Series 2. This new version has a specific belt that facilitates the ventilation and he is more comfortable with sweat.

Apple Watch Series 2 will be released the next September 16 in the first group of countries and Spain is among them, at a price of $369. Apple Watch Nike +, for its part, will be available online next 9 September. The arrival of Series 2 has escalated to the original Watch Apple that now has been named as Series 1, by lowering its price to $269.