Apple Watch, MacBooks Air 12 Inch, IPhone, Android Wear 6s

Now we are to little more than 24 hours of the next Apple Keynote, the Keynote where they will reveal details about the Apple Watch. Prices, final characteristics, applications, release date… And we are sure that it will also come with “a loaf of bread under the arm” according to rumors, tomorrow we will know if it is a MacBook air new or an iPad Pro…

But we are going to brings us today here at gametate, as every Sunday, rumors. Obviously, everything revolves right now around Apple Watch, with some brushstroke in the form of portable thin and small. We are going to “mess”.

  • We began the week with confirmation of Tim Cook that the launch of the Apple Watch will not be exclusive to the United States of America. Obviously this is not a rumor, it is a confirmation that full-fledged brings us some hope to the Spanish, I thought that we would have to wait longer.
  • We continue with more rumors pointing to reality, Android Wear available from iOS. The French site, 01netto says that Google is working on a method of communication for Android Wear with the iPhone. This makes users of iOS to increase our offer, lots of interesting SmartWatches are occurring in the market. The launch of Motorola and LG we must add Huawei.
  • It seems that in the morning Keynote It will bring us a One More Thing under the arm… All indications are that we will see a renewal of processor in the MacBook range, but we will also see (perhaps) a new MacBook air, the famous 12-inch model that perhaps we will come with screen retina. Tomorrow we will inform you conveniently.
  • Although even many of us are still enjoying our 6 iPhone and we are amazed with the, they are beginning to emerge rumors about his successor. Obviously we will not see a changed remarkably in design, but rumors suggest to the pre-installed SIM Apple and 2 GB of RAM. So the iPhone will adopt something that we saw in the air 2 iPad, so we may have a somewhat thinner than the current iPhone. In AppleInsider speak of this
  • Also let’s talk about today of laptops, and surely tomorrow even more. All indications are that the MacBook Air will be renewed with the new processors from Intel, the Broadwell and Intel HD 6000 graphics card. Who knows if we will see something similar on the MacBook Pro.
  • It seems that HBO, responsible for hits such as game of Thrones American chain, is planning offer their programming via the Web: April. This could become as a channel for the Apple TV that would have a monthly cost of us $15.
  • This week We have had news about the iPad Pro. First in the form of delay of launch for September, due to problems with the supply of screens. Second, with the rumor that would bring USB 3.0 ports to connect keyboard and mouse (and perhaps external storage) and third that the iPad could bring technology screens Oxide LCD. Call me crazy, but this ever makes me think that the iPad Pro could bring a SO mutated at a crossroads of iOS with OS X that will allow more specific jobs, something like the Surface of Windows.
  • Apparently Apple Watch It would bring a port where your straps are hooked that initially it was believed that it would be a diagnostics port that would allow knowledge at the Genius Bar that happens to Apple Watch. But this could go further, since it could also serve for future belts released by Apple with more features for the watch. Who knows, maybe future versions of belts we add monitoring sensors with which Apple was having trouble in the beginning.
  • And we ended up with a round of data on the Apple Watch. It will take two hours to fully charge, will allow us 5 hours of “heavy use” of the SmartWatch, allowing us to reach the day of use without excessive problems. His “Crown” will allow us to communicate with Siri and give us address data… Another noteworthy point is that it will only show notifications when in contact with our wrist. If we have the Apple Watch removed, it will not display any notification.

Ready for tomorrow? Remember that in Applesfera we will do an exhaustive monitoring of everything that happened in the Keynote of Apple tomorrow, with the consequent analysis of everything Apple present us… You feel like Apple Watch? There is very little.