Apple Watch Dethrones Rolex as the Most Coveted Luxury Watch

To date, the wealthiest resorted to brands such as Rolex and Tag Heuer to wear your loose economy on the wrist. It was something between the love for watches or an ill-concealed gesture of ostentation, depending on the person. And we mean precisely the latter, because the segment of luxury watches has been upside down by a rookie in the sector than has crept into first place as the most coveted Watch: Apple Watch.

That’s right. According to a study carried out by NetBase registering up to 700 million entries on social networks, buyers of luxury watches they have turned their backs on Rolex, that has lost the first position as most desired brand, and now they sigh by Apple Watch (we assume that not by the Sport, obviously) would a smartwatch hobnobbing with the most luxurious on the market? Yes, but you have your trap.

A purchase of intelligent ‘savvy’

If you’re thinking that it does not have any sense that a brand like Apple that has just entered this segment compete with references that can reach unimaginable prices, indeed. We are not talking about the cost, but a terrain in which Apple moves very well: intangible assets. The wealthy buyers of the Watch make it for emotional reasons that play elements like “passion”, as he cites the study.

The usual buyer of luxury watches which carry the smartwatch of Californians will be because they want to show that they have made a wise purchase of those who are able to understand the difficulty of advanced technology that it is equipped with Apple Watch. A point of differentiation that might seem trivial, but which has aupado to the mark to lead this quoted table.