Apple Watch Can Already Be Tested in Nine Countries

After ads, advances, rumors and reviews of most not be able, at last will be users who will have the word. In the United States the period of testing and Apple Watch reserves has already opened, with tails as that you can see in the image above from Australia (posted by @VOOK64) where the launch coincides with the open shops.

The Apple Store online has momentarily closed until tests opened, preparing for the change. And now that we have it open it not surprise me to see some failures due to high traffic or too many requests to reserve the watch at the same time. If you are one of those who are trying to get one, You must have patience.

Other users have also been posting images of their first encounters with the smartwatch of Apple:

Finally get to try on one of these bad boys! They are pretty sweet! #applewatch #tryon

A photo published by Aaron Meredith (@aaronmeredith) 9 APR, 2015 (s) 4:08 PDT

表参道Apple Store、Apple watchがズラリと並んでます!

— hideki ito (@quattro_300) April 9, 2015

Good for Apple, so as the smartwatches, must sell not as done in shopping malls. [Reuters]

— Chema flowers (@_Chemamalaga) April 10, 2015

Remember that these reserves are active only in nine countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong and China. In Spain and other countries of Latin America, we have to wait, since we don’t have definite release dates yet. It depends on how fast you are exhausted in all these countries the 24th, when the the first Apple Watch arrive at their owner’s House.

Apple Watch Edition, on the other hand, will be restricted to a few stores added uniqueness. And which also forgetting to tail the day of the launch, since or book a unit of Apple Watch or not you can have it for many nights in sailing you pass in front of the store. We’ll see the effects of all this to pass these days of evidence and reserves.