Apple Soars on Foot on the Eve of the Watch

Time ago that Apple had ceased to be considered a rebel company fighting against the established power. IBM and Microsoft were the companies that It is positioned on the other side of the spectrum. Standards, grey and boring against rupture, colour and freshness. But that was before.

Apple is now the largest company in terms of capitalisation, breaking financial records in each quarter and delivering products that are counted by millions each month. Its influence on the lives of many people is obvious. Every step that is regarded with microscope, both for better and for worse.

For this reason and coinciding with the generational last executives responsible for public relations of the company, the Pebble case continues to be amazing. The company has enough experience to know it. Any movement around the Apple Watch competition It will be interpreted as hostile. And this has been.

The gaffe

We have noticed that your app or its metadata contains irrelevant information about a platform within the app. Provide plans of future compatibility with other platforms or references to any platform, is not appropriate in the App Store.
Specifically, your app and your description declare support the smartwatch Pebble.

These were the words that have unleashed the war of smart watches. It was the response that was the developer of the app SeaNav US when He decided to hang up the update that gave support to the smartwatch Pebble. The app back on iTunes without having amended the text and can be downloaded right now without any problems at a price of 19.99 euros. Which by the way has not been mentioned.

According to rules created by the company itself, Apple would not be more that applying them to strictly. There is another case found by MacRumors that an app I mentioned to the Pebble that has been approved in the App Store.

When a developer decides to participate in the App Store, accepted a series of conditions, rights and responsibilities. What is the problem then? The origin of all this controversy It is in the interpretation of the standard that has made Apple just a day before the release of the Apple Watch.

Has become in the typical case of David against Goliath, only the roles are reversed. Apple is now the Goliath giant and powerful, capable of crushing anyone who takes the counter like a fly. The developer of SeaNav US is the poor David who should do what it can in an unequal struggle.

As it stands, the public has become a side of this modern David. The company directed by Tim Cook should have seen it coming. It is certainly a blunder in the field of public relations. But there is something else behind this stumble or is it part of a premeditated strategy?

The myth of an anti-competitive Apple

Many have been quick to say that Apple is attacking the competition. That it is afraid that other smartwatch platforms come into their walled garden. What We will never see Android Wear for iOS. I look at the App Store for other examples and my conclusion is that they have no basis:

  • Google has 41 apps in the App Store, including some that compete directly with other apps and services from Apple such as Google Docs, Chromecast, Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps.
  • Samsung has other 40, as necessary to control their TV smart, air-conditioned, washing machines and a wide range of cameras.
  • Microsoft boasts 51 apps, such as Office, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and a long etcetera.
  • Other apps for wearables like Google Glass, Microsoft Band, FitBit, Withings, even the own Pebble.

Of course Apple is in favor of having developers from other platforms in his. It is what gives value to the App Store and its products. But that will not allow your store to become a city without law full of risks for their clients. The Store aims to bring that value to the user in a safe and comfortable way.

Mention to other platforms in the descriptions is nothing more than what other apps are already serving. WhatsApp, quintessential Instant Messaging app, says in his:

WhatsApp Messenger is a Messenger available for iPhone and other smartphones.

Apple isn’t perfect. It is certainly guilty of things like kidnapping which made iMessage for SMS to users leaving iOS. A true sample of his face most corporate. But not to prevent access to competitors to its platform.