Apple Pay, New IPhone 6 C, Apple Watch, Renewal Force Touch

With both Apple Watch last week had something desert Rumorsfera, so there was not much where scratch. But it seems that little by little Apple machinery continues and some new van filtering about what you might see in the not-too-distant future.

Focusing on the Apple Watch, which is the news of the moment, this week we launched the rumor that we could perhaps see the Smartwatch in our country before than we thought. But I am afraid that it will not be thus and are recent developments that lead me to release this statement.

Apple Watch waiting times for the “first wave” countries are falling in absurd way. This leads me to think that Apple is perhaps pulling units of the second batch of countries forecast to meet the high demand that has been generated. We will see that rumors has brought us this week from Financedns.

  • It seems that we can finally see Apple Pay to exit movements outside the American borders. Much discussed in due course that would start at the beginning of this year 2015 in England or in China, but it seems that the first chosen will be Canada where you will arrive at the end of this year, specifically in November.
  • As I have said, iSpazio, Italian blog threw the bomb of the second wave of launch of Apple Watch. Rumors are found and I have already told you my opinion. But if you want a ray of hope, I would find it in the fact that in this second wave would be included Saudi Arabia, where the Apple Watch edition can be a major source of income (you all know that this model is the one that generates the greatest benefits for Apple).
  • Recognize it, Steve Jobs was right. Screen size ideal for use a Smartphone with one hand should not exceed four inches. Those who use the iPhone 6 daily we realize it. Apple seems to want to continue to maintain this size in your catalog and this could come with a new iPhone 6 c by the end of year.
  • A fact that us reaffirms in all mentioned above about shipments of the Apple Watch is the fact that some users who had booked his and had as their final date of may, early June have confirmed shipping date.
  • I think the disappearance of the catalogue of Apple iPod Classic at the end of last year was the saddest news of Apple (for my) in years. Now I’m looking for the possibility of getting a good price. It seems that after two years without new iPod range could be renewed at the end of this year. Yes, they already are income posed earlier to Apple, but some nostalgia overwhelms us.
  • And finished with a rumor about Force Touch technology. Patents indicate that it could go further and simulate different materials on the screen of our iPhone touch… We will see over time where it will be all this…

So far this week rumorsfera…