Apple Is Undoing Its Own Success: Expectations Dashed

Gets a crack Apple’s success story: just two weeks after the death of company founder of Steve Jobs the electronics company presented new record figures. But for the first time for years Apple did not fulfil the high expectations of the stock. Had become accustomed to huge gains and were now more and more jumps look.
After the announcement of the figures for the fourth quarter from July to September, the price fell more than six percent nachbörslich. I do not believe my eyes, the presenter said the US economic channel Bloomberg TV. That is totally unusual.

Apple iPhone 4s: details, sample photos

iPhone photos and the comparison with the iPhone 4 example: from this, Apple sold 17 million units. Still 21 percent were more than in the same period last year. But Apple came not on the high sales figures of the previous quarter and the high expectations of up to 22 million units sold. Many customers were apparently waiting on the new iPhone 4s, the Apple but only recently released.

New CEO Tim Cook vowed improvement: I am convinced that we will make a record iPhone sales in the December quarter. Already on the first weekend, Apple sold more than four million new iPhones. Also cemented Apple’s ambitions with a forecast well above previous expectations of analysts: $37 billion turnover and 9.30 dollars earnings per share. In the past quarter, Apple had earned 7.05 dollars per share while the experts estimate was 7.39 dollars. Cook promised more growth: we have fantastic things in the pipeline. The new boss in the Conference not revealed what it is, according to the figures. Secrets are part of Apple’s success. (AP/rs)